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Affiliate Marketing CLICKBANK – Part 1: Choosing An Affiliate Market Place

Here we will be looking specifically at Youtube Affiliate Marketing Clickbank and please remember to view our video course on this also. If you have been looking at affiliate marketing for any period of time you have most likely seen that YouTube is crammed with many different styles of affiliate reviews of all sorts of services and products. A few of them are webcam style talking head videos, some are ‘selfie’ style videos shot with, so it seems, nothing more than a phone whilst taking a walk, some are outstanding semi-professional videos with people behind a counter or perched on a settee with a physical item in front of them on a coffee table, and some are basic, boring screencast videos. And then there are even the mega low-cost ones that consist only of images and text or slideshows and maybe a little ‘cheesy’ music.

All these have the same aim: “click the link listed below to get more information”. Obviously, that link is an affiliate link, and whenever somebody clicks it and ultimately buys an item (even if it’s a few days later on, thanks to cookies), the individual who made that video gets paid a commission! That’s the position we want you to be in.

Why Video?

So why video? There are a number of reasons but the 2 main ones are. First: videos are much more popular nowadays than the written word. People would much rather get the info they require and as quicly as possible by listening and watching rather than by needing to do the boring reading thing. Secondly, video is simpler, easier and in fact quicker for you as an affiliate marketer. Review websites and blog sites simply take an excessive amount of time and effort. You have to constantly produce and add quality textual material, check it, edit it, check it again and then SEO optimize all of it! And best of luck getting it ranked in the search engines! In today’s world, if you’re not on page one (or maybe 2 at a push!) of Google, then quite simply, you’re not getting seen. And if you’re not getting seen then you aren’t making any sales. For video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, on the flip side of the coin, you don’t need to appear on the front page. Suprised! You see with videos you’ll be noticed in the “related videos” side bar of other similar videos when they are being viewed. This is why it’s so simple for even newbies to start seeing marked progress on YouTube, since everybody is constantly clicking from one video to the next and also clicking on the related video results.

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Why YouTube?

Listen. There are a handful of significant video sites around, yet we’re solely concentrating on YouTube for the following reasons: YouTube has, to date, over a billion customers! — more than a 30% of the world’s internet users! More significantly, those numbers typically aren’t remaining static. Currently video viewing time is rising by 50% each and every year and the total number of people using the website gets larger by about 40% each year! It is easy to see that, if you wish to be seen, YouTube is without doubt the place to be!

Now That We Have Found Out Why We’re Using Video Marketing, Let’s Now Have A Look At Everything We’ll Be Learning In This Article:

Part 1 covers affiliate networks or marketplaces. We’ll be talking about how you can select and also get setup with the associate market place that’s right for you. We are already half way through this part!

Part 2 is about choosing the all important product. We will identify the methods to take in how to recognize which items will sell best for you.

Part 3 is where we are going to go on a little about traffic, specifically the YouTube videos in addition to the best ways to utilize traffic generation methods properly.

Part 4 is where we’ll develop your battle plan and also figure out the best ways to implement what you’ve learned. So, if you’re ready, allow us to start by diving into picking an affiliate market place.

There are 2 really imortant things you need to ask yourself before you choose an affiliate network or market place:

1. What’s your niche? Are you targeting would-be internet marketers? Survival enthusiasts? Golfers? People trying to lose weight?

2. Are you trying to sell physical products or information products also called digital products.

Use ClickBank For Digital Products

For some specific niches, like survival enthusiasts, you might do both. As an example, an info product might be a video clip or e-book on small game hunting whilst on the other hand a physical item might be a fire starter kit. However, some particular niches will mainly be one or the other. For example, the internet marketing niche will mainly just be digital products while the pet reptile specific niche will consist mostly of physical items. If you are involved in a specific niche where you could do both, then just pick the one you wish to begin with initially and totally focus on that.

If you’re marketing physical items, you’ll be searching for online physical product stores with affiliate programs. You’ll wish to pick the ones with the very best combination of high commissions and how popular the product is. For example, you could find on the internet, a store offering a whopping 30% commission price on it’s entire product range, but they might be lesser well-known and as a result you’re less likely to make sales. On the other hand, a huge and well known store such as the mighty for instance, might offer it’s affiliates a lower and seemingly useless commission like 5-10% for it’s items, however, as a result of its appeal, and the fact that most people know of Amazon and trust them, you’re more probable to make more sales.

Amazon Is The Best Place To Find Physical Products

For info products you’ll probaby want to join one of the big, well known digital markets like ClickBank. Actually all you’re considering right here is simplicity of use as well as what selection of offers they have. The ease of use relates to exactly how easy it is to establish an account with the provider, as well as how quickly you are able to start advertising products. Generally, they’re all quite easy as far as account setup, however some market places, like JVZoo for exampe, require you to request authorization for each and every item/author and wait to be authorized by them (very annoying) while others, like ClickBank, do allow you to choose any of their products and start to advertise it immediately. Regarding product selection, your number one issue is whether they have a decent choice of products related to your particular niche. If you’re looking for online marketing products, JVZoo is pretty good, yet, in my opinion, ClickBank is better as it has a much bigger choice of both internet marketing as well as other specific niche items like fat burning, finance, woodworking, musical instrument training, and more.

There are a lots and lots of affiliate programs and market places out there which include sites such as JVZoo, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Share-a-Sale, ClickBank, and well, the list just goes on and on!  Not to mention you could pick any eStore or product online, just Google their name/ product name in addition to the words “affiliate program” and I guarantee you’ll be surprised to see the amount of items come up! Nonetheless, for the reasons discussed above, this article will focus on Amazon for physical goods and also ClickBank for digital ones, which is exactly what we’ll be covering in the following part.

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Part 2: Choosing a Product

So, what we’re going to do is to take a look at both YouTube Affiliate Marketing CLICKBANK and also YouTube Affiliate Marketing AMAZON. We’ll start with by clicking “Create account”. Here, we’re not going to go through the entire account creation procedure as it’s all quite self-explanatory, but please take note that you will need to enter an address here where you would like them to send your affiliate payment checks!

So, once you have correctly created your new account you’ll need to click on Affiliate Marketplace. From there, you’ll have the ability to dig down and pick the item that you would like to advertise. Since this is an affiliate/make money website we’ll say we’re looking for internet marketing products to promote. So drop to the “categories” sidebar menu and click on the arrowhead next to “ebusiness” then select “SEM & SEO” from the given list.

In the results, you’ll see many hundreds of different products to choose from, some good for us and some less so. We’ll want to pick the one that we think will be most successful with the one real thing to home in on: make sure you research the item in order to make certain, as much as possible, that it’s not rubbish! You will want to make sure you can sleep at night with a sound conscience and knowledge that you are promoting a quality product.

Now there are a number of ways to filter these products. For our needs, we want to focus on three main criteria: Popularity, Gravity, and Earnings.


Gravity is ClickBank’s internal measure of just how well a product sells. It’s based on many things including the total number of sales, including just how recent those sales are. Typically anything above 30 is most likely to have a solid and the best probability of success while anything that’s up there in the hundreds may have such a high rate of sales meaning it may have lots of competition – however this isn’t always a negative thing!


The amount of money you can expect to earn from each sale may be shown in terms of the commission of initial sale as well as in the average rebill amount in the case of a subscription items or items that for example may have offered something like a one-dollar trial sign-up and then followed by a full payment which is considered a single rebill. You’ll really need to try to find a balance of both of these two things. However, there is a third filter – popularity – which can also be very important.


Although gravity is normally a good tell tale of how well something sells, what do we do with newer products that have just started selling? Very often a new ‘on trend’ product could be launched into the marketplace but hasn’t as yet been around long enough to earn a gravity greater than 30 for instance. This is where popularity is a great measure to consider since a preferred, trending product that has simply just hit the marketplace might not be visible if you simply sort by gravity.

Let’s go on and filter by popularity first. In our example right here we have actually got Social Monkey on top in popularity yet it has truly low gravity. This can be an indication that it’s either brand-new to the market or on a current upward trend in sales yet hasn’t already quite garnered enough sales yet to increase its gravity. Long Tail Pro, on the other hand, is in second position however it has high gravity!

Now let’s filter this time by gravity. You’ll notice that things are now reversed. Long Tail Pro is at the top of the charts, which tells us clearly that it is a proven and good seller. Let’s have a look at the money side of it. Long Tail Pro may be seen to have a first initial sale cost of only 1 dollar!. This is where newbies, or those that haven’t taken the time to read this article, would in fact skip this product due to the low initial 1 dollar sale! You on the other hand ARE reading this article and now it’s about to pay off for you! Take a look over to the right and specifically, check out the typicalaverage  rebill overall. Yup, over $100. If you were to click on the Long Tail Pro title, there you would be directed to their sales page where you ‘d find out that they’re using a $1 10-day trial sign up – hence the tiny preliminary sale value. However, after those 10 days are up, consumers get charged at either approx. $37 monthly or around $297 for a year!. Now you understand where that rebill total originates from. And also given that those $1 trials are proven to work so darn well, the majority of customers stay the period of the test then wind up sticking to the product for a minimum of 1 or 2 invoicing cycles. Not surprising that it has such a high gravity score. There’s no question at all that this would be a good item to promote.

Now to promote, simply click the promote button, then enter your account nickname and copy and paste the resulting affiliate link into a notepad file or such like. This information should be saved for later. 

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Now let’s move over our attention to Amazon side of things for physical items. Go to and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page. Locate the web link that reads “become an affiliate” and then simply click it! This will now direct you to the Amazon Associates web page. Now just click “join for free” to set up an Associate Account. The procedure from now will be basically like the ClickBank sign up. Once your account has been set up – head back to the home page. Place your mouse over the departments button and select one of the categories that represents your particular niche the closest. For us, we’ll choose camera, photo, and video. Once you’re there, click the best sellers button on the menu. This page will tell you precisely what products in this specific niche are selling the best and this information is updated literally every hour. This is probably one of the most beneficial sales trend tools available for physical items online. Aside from its best seller ranking, you must take the time to make certain that the item you have chosen to promote does not have a low overall feedback score or else you might lose commissions as a result of a high refund rate!

So then, choose the product that you would like to promote and then take a look at the top of your screen whilst on the product page. After signing up as being an Associate, you should be able to see an orange and grey bar called the Amazon Associates Site Stripe on top of the page. When you’re on any specific product page, you’ll be able to make use of the buttons and tools on the Site Stripe to easily generate either a text link or an html short code featuring a photo. Since in this article we’re concentrating on YouTube for marketing and also you cannot place pictures in a YouTube description, simply click “link” and then simply copy and paste that affiliate link into a notepad file. You’ll use it later when you publish your YouTube video clip, which we’ll cover later.

Part 3: Driving the Traffic

It’s time to drive some, all important, traffic to your affiliate link. So, there are a number of ways to do video on YouTube. If you just kind of type any random product you can think of right into the YouTube search bar along with the word ‘review’ after it, you’ll see a ton of different styles of video promoting that product. Some are making physical product testimonials completely in HD with a studio-quality white background. Some are making them at their kitchen table or seated behind a counter. Some are sitting on a couch in a well-lit living room with the item perched on a coffee table. Several of these people typically aren’t showcasing a physical product but instead are just talking about a digital services or product. Some have clip on mics as well as fantastic audio and some sound just plainawful. Some are genuine people and also some obviously hired actors reading directly from a script “on the cheap” more than likely purchased from sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Either way, these are all called talking head video clips due to the fact that they literally have the speaker on display.

On the flip-side of the above, you have screencast video clips or slide show videos which are generally recordings of a person’s computer display or a recording of a slideshow or a text and image style presentation with a narrative. These video clips are more typical for digital style items, however, there are also plenty concerning physical items also. These may include software program walkthroughs, pros and cons listings, product comparisons, or even individuals simply reiterating the promoted attributes of the item.

Regardless of which of these styles you may choose to use; the good news is that you don’t need to worry about making these studio quality!

The majority of people that search for ” ———— product review” are just trying to find information and also assurance that they aren’t squandering their hard earned cash. They couldn’t care less if you have Hollywood-level sound, expert illumination, or perhaps, even a tidy or messy house behind you. As a matter of fact, if a video looks overly perfect and professional, they could think that it’s not entirely natural or truthful. Paradoxically, this is where looking and sounding a bit less elegant and instead, more down-to-earth, actually works in your favour. People tend to rely on individuals that they think are just normal fellow consumers more than fancy speakers who seem to have a lot of cash behind their production.

So, just how do you go about making these videos? Well actually, you will be pleased to know, that’s pretty simple! If you’re making a “talking head” video, you’ll simply require a mobile phone or a cam. That’s really actually it! If you’re doing a slide show design video clip, you can utilize something like Windows Movie Maker (just insert text as well as photos) or you could even export a PowerPoint to.mp4 video. For screencast/screen recording video clips, utilize a screen capture software program like Snagit or Screencast-o-matic.

As soon as you’ve submitted your video clip to YouTube (simply sign into your account and locate the upload button) you’ll want to begin to optimize it for SEO purpose. Make certain to utilize a minimum of the name of the product and also the word “review” in your video title. You can likewise enter the year, in order to show it’s a more recent evaluation. An additional thing you could consider is adding the words “price cut” in order to help your possibilities of being seen if individuals are searching for a reduced price on the product. Just make sure it’s true! For instance: if you’re promoting or reviewing an item on Amazon and also, like many of their items, the price is substantially marked down from retail, then it’s perfectly fine to use words like “discounted” in your title.

As for your description: you will really want to make this as long-winded as well as keyword rich as you can. Right on the top you’ll really want, without fail, your Call-To-Action or CTA along with your relevant affiliate link. This could be something like “visit this site for more information” or “use this link to obtain it now”. Or you might get a little bit more creative and also make use of the discount percentage in your CTA. For example, let us say you’re looking at a purse on Amazon and also it goes on sale for, lets say, $22 yet has a list price of around $75. In that situation, it would be perfectly fair and also genuine to claim “save 70% when you buy via this link”. And after that, naturally, paste your web link therein. Yet that’s simply the first few lines you would want your visitors to see. You’ll now really want to pack much, much more into the rest of the description. If you have a script that you used for the video, simply paste that in as the rest of the description. Otherwise, just summarize exactly what you wrote. Bear in mind you want to ensure your primary keyword phrases, namely the product name and the word “review”, appear in your description a minimum of a couple of times for SEO purposes. However don’t make it so spammy that it gets flagged!

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Finally, you’ll wish to select excellent keyword phrase tags. Search for as many ways of saying your product’s name and the word “review” as feasible. For instance: “X review” and “review of X” are two variations that will contribute different SEO values.

That’s about all there is to uploading your video. You can now unwind, chill out and let YouTube’s search algorithms do all the rest of the work for you or you could begin doing some social sharing as well as more posting to other sites. Post a link to the video on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a blog site, embed the video clip in a blog there. These backlinks will certainly have the dual function of driving genuine web traffic in addition to somewhat enhancing your Search Engine Optimization.

Oh, I’ve remembered! One last suggestion, a tip – a good one! it’s been reported that plainly asking, both in the video itself and also in the description, for your viewers to “like, comment or subscribe” could truly boost your likes, comments, and subscriptions. Consider making use of such a CTA in your video also. Maybe try to get creative and try inviting people to give their opinion, ideas and suggestions in the comments section. The more involvement from other people the better.

That’s it for this part of the article and very close to the end. If you’re ready, let’s move into the final lesson: establishing your battle plan.

Part 4: Your Battle Plan – Just Do It!

The number one reason most people never succeed in online marketing is inaction.  So, before we even begin with step one of our battle plan you need to make a resolution to start taking action right now.  Everything you learned in this course can be applied and executed right now in as little as an hour (although if it’s your first time it may take longer).  And there’s one more resolution you need to make: a willingness to take imperfect action. The prime driver for inaction is the neverending vision of the “perfect execution”.  Set that aside.  Don’t throw it away, there’ll be time for it later. Just set it aside for now and start taking IMPERFECT action.  Knock out the steps below, even if you’re not sure about what niche you’ll ultimately end up in.

The main reason so many people (actually, most people) never ever succeed in online marketing is inaction. So, before we even begin with the fist step of our battle plan you should make a promise to begin taking action right now! Not next week or tomorrow but today! Everything you have read and learned in this article can be applied and done right now in as little as 60 minutes (although if it’s your very first time it could take just a little longer). Actually, there’s one more hand on heart promise you need to make. That promise is a determination to take “imperfect action”. You see, the number 1 driver for inactiveness is the neverending vision of the “iperfect execution”. Please put that desire to one side right now! Do not throw it away, there’ll always be time for it later. Simplyset it to one side for now and in the meantime start taking IMPERFECT action. Work through the steps I have listed below, even if you’re not exactly sure as in just what particular niche you’ll ultimately end up in.  Just get started! So …

Let’s get started:

The Battle Plan

Step 1: Determine your niche.  If you aren’t sure what your ideal niche is, just pick one and go with it – you can rinse and repeat with another niche later.

Step 2: Choose which affiliate marketplace/network you’ll be using and create your account.

Step 3: Select a product and copy your affiliate link.

Step 4: Figure out how you’re going to do your video (talking head, screencast, etc.) and start recording.

Step 5: Upload your video and optimize your title, description, and tags.

Step 6: Choose another product and start steps 3 through 5 over again.

Please, do not get discouraged if you don’t obtain many views or any sales in the short term. Please don’t get discouraged if there was more competition for the product than to what you had expected or hoped for. Immediate success is not just unusual, it’s actually not what we’re aiming for!  When you break it all down and take a look at the steps above it is all actually, relatively easy – so just do it! That is the hard part, actually being bothered to make a start and to stick at it! You will get quicker and better at it the more you do. All of those videos WILL CERTAINLY pay off in time.

So there you have it.  There’s your battle plan for getting started with affiliate marketing using YouTube. Stop procrastinating and start earning commissions TODAY!

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