You Failure! You’ve Just Succeeded! Your Online Business Motivation

Online Business Motivation

With So Many People Failing Online, How Do You Keep Your Online Business Motivation?

Before you know the best ways to succeed you are first going to learn how to fail at many things. If you are like practically everyone in this world (in fact everybody!), you have failed numerous times in your life, it’s a fact – sorry!

However people fear failure and people get ‘bogged down’ in the trap of failing, losing faith and confidence and then quickly leaving it behind and moving onto something brand-new.

Fail at something … quick … I must move on.
Fail at something … quick … I must move on.

What actually takes place here is that you never end up being proficient at something. Rather, you end up disillusioned that you remain in a continuous cycle of failure with no tangible success to draw from.

You ever stopped to question yourself as to why YOU are not able to accomplish that success that everyone else seems to be attaining?

I can categorically tell you why.

You fear not the actual success itself but the journey, and the failures encountered along the way, to achieve this success. You have actually lost your ambition and drive that you grew up with and nurtured as a child.

I bet. As a toddler, never once did you believe that you wouldn’t have the ability to walk. You didn’t quit. You aren’t still crawling are you?

You bumped your head. You fell on your butt. BUT, you got up!

You learnt how to ride a bike but, although it was difficult, and you more than likely got a number of bruises and scrapes along the way, you always got up and kept going.

Now, what if I could somehow transpose you back into this mindset that you need to fall in order to be able to walk?  And that it was OK to trip and fall before you learn how to run? Do you think your online business motivation would improve?

Well, it can and it will.

Well that is the specific environment that is developed and nurtured within Wealthy Affiliate.

The number one reason that people give to why they “dodge” the idea of needing to work hard at something and to build an actual online business is “insufficient time”. I hear it nearly every single day!

I don’t have time to build a business.
I do not have time to create content.
I do not have time to work on my website.


I don’t have time to focus on my online business motivation.

But I never ever hear …

I don’t have time to be a success!

It’s a fact that people have the tendency to think that they are different to everyone else. The truth is that WE ALL have the same 24hrs in a day. It is those of us that make use of these hours correctly and are productive during our “free time” are those that wind up creating ultra successful businesses.

This is the truth. This is exactly what I have gained and learnt from my own behaviours as well as working with many people I have met through my websites and Affiliate Marketing career throughout the last 8 years or so. Keeping your online business motivation is VERY difficult at times BUT it can be learnt and improved upon!

Before you leave today, I would like you to check out the following discussion. It is very appropriate to today’s “topic”. It talks about the idea of “not having time to achieve success” and some techniques I have actually learned throughout the years in respect to handling time and having the ability to build a business from scratch while being a full-time college student.

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To Making Your Time Count!

You Failure ... You've Just Succeeded! With So Many People Failing Online - How Do You Keep Your Online Business Motivation?

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