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Where Does My Site Rank For A Keyword?

where does my site rank for a keyword

Where Does My Site Rank For A Keyword?

You create a brand-new page or post on your site, publish it … now what? How do you figure out where your site is ranked in Google, Yahoo, & Bing?

How can I check my site rank and find out where does my site rank for a keyword?

This is simpler than you think.

Today I am going to show you how you can get “one click” access to see where your website is ranked in Google under ANY keyword. Having this understanding is going to be pure gold to your online business!

This can all be be achieved with Jaaxy SiteRank, a function exclusive to members of Jaaxy.com. This feature permits you to rapidly figure out where your website is ranked under specific search terms.

Here is how it works…

You just go and enter a keyword and the URL of your website. This might be anything.

Then Jaaxy SiteRank will go off and discover the following information for you:

( 1) What Page in Google You Are On (example. Page 5).
( 2) Your Specific Position (example. Position 42 overall).

And it will even highlight your search result for you and reveal to you YOUR listing and the surrounding listings in Google.

For instance, I just did a look for the following terms on the wealthyaffiliate.com domain.

Here is what I very rapidly discovered:

” are backlinks good for ranking”, ranked # 4 page # 1 in Google.
” rich affiliate”, ranked # 1 (page 1) in Google, Bing, Yahoo.

This actually took me 30 seconds to research study and create this ranking info. I could examine absolutely any keyword I desire, but get this. I can likewise, just as easily set up tracking and monitor keywords in real-time to see just how my overall website is performing and if I am beginning to improve or even get worse rankings.

Where does my site rank for a keyword … you would use this tool with your very own website and it will provide you with detailed insight into where you are ranked (or if you are ranked). Stunning!

Go ahead and give it a try below:-

Being able to find the answer the question “where does my site rank for a keyword?” and learning THE BEST WAYS TO RANK is the SECRET to success!

If you understand site rankings, you will be A LOT MORE effective online. If you understand where you get ranked, you can assess the success of specific methods and strategies you implement.

You will have the ability to determine how your site rankings get affected by …

( 1) Different types of writing styles.
( 2) Different keyword densities.
( 3) Usage of images or even without images.
( 4) Item Reviews.
( 5) Low Competitors vs. Higher Competition keywords.
( 6) Regional marketing keywords.
( 7) Video rankings vs. text based rankings.
( 8) Brief material vs. longer content.
( 9) More comprehensive keywords vs. long tail keywords.

This will give you a clear picture of ways to rapidly rank and how to rapidly scale your campaigns for success.

And what about your competitions rankings?

You can easily see where your competition is ranking using SiteRank. You can spy on and see where any website is ranked, not simply yours! This can be VERY beneficial info., for reverse engineering high ranking websites and leveraging their techniques into your own projects.

You can get access to SiteRank within either a Pro or Business Jaaxy account. If you haven’t as yet signed up for your FREE ACCOUNT, then I urge you to DO SO NOW!! If you wish to advance your business and the tools you need to improve your possibilities of success, Jaaxy will definitely become one of these platforms that you can “lean on”.


Now you  have the right tools and knowledge to answer the question Рwhere does my site rank for a keyword? Happy and successful SiteRanking!.

PS. Enterprise users get access to the first 200 results in Google (rather than 100) and can also automatically track keyword ranks DAILY. It likewise will retrieve the results 10 times faster, something to consider if you have an interest in the advanced variation of Jaaxy.

Am I Assuming Correctly? This Is The #1 Way For Checking To See Where Your Site Ranks On Google For Any Given Keyword? Thought So!

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