What Is The Wix Website Builder About? Building An Attractive Website That’s What!

what is the wix website builder about

Wix Review: Summary

  • Platform: Wix
  • Website: www.wix.com
  • Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required.
  • Earning Potential: N/A
  • Owners: Avishai Abrahami
  • Price: From FREE
  • My Score: 8.0/10 – Highly Recommended

What Is The Wix Website Builder About: Intoduction

You want to build an attractive website, full of amazing interactive features that will make sure your visitors keep coming back for more, but you don’t want to code it on your own. What should you do? Well, hire a professional coder, pay them a huge amount, and get your work done. Or, you may choose one of the best website builders and create a website yourself without having to know anything about coding. Now, there surely are many website builders that promise to do this job for you but the one that truly lives up to the expectations of the users and thus is gaining more and more popularity each day is Wix. Let us get to learn more about this amazing website builder in some detail so that you can decide if this is the one you have been in the search of.

The best single word to describe Wix will be Freedom. It offers its users as much freedom as is possible. Anyone, simply anyone can use this website builder to create, design, and publish a properly-functional website. Also, you will be able to maintain and edit your website through Wix’s builder platform post publishing it.

When using Wix you do not need to be an expert or even be aware of the coding and the technical side of website building and yet you can get amazing results. However, if you have some knowledge in coding then you can play with their website code if you wish to.

What Is The Wix Website Builder About: Who Is Wix For?

Wix is for anyone and everyone who wants a professional-looking online presence but without getting involved in writing the code nor hiring a designer and paying a heavy price for the privilage. The impressive layouts that Wix offers are perfect for small businesses, online stores, restaurants, and artists like photographers and musicians. They are suitable for mobile devices as well and you can spice them up with the various apps available at the Wix App Market.

What Is The Wix Website Builder About: What makes Wix so popular?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the ever-growing popularity of Wix and we shall learn about a few of them now.

What Is The Wix Website Builder About: Amazing, Drag-and-Drop Themes

This website builder offers hundreds of themes and templates to select from. They even offer many, many stock images too. Each of their templates is very intuitive and far more modern compared to what you will find in other website builders.

Wix has a properly organized template gallery that has been grouped by category, style, industry, portfolio, and more. It is thus very easy to find your desired one.

What Is The Wix Website Builder About: Very Easy To Use

what is the wix website builder about

Wix is also one of the simplest website builders to use. It is flexible and you can customize anything you want to and it is also very visual so you can make changes just by pointing and then clicking on the site elements.

Text editing is easy as well and all you need to do is click on the present text boxes and then select any formatting options you desire. Wix even makes adding CTAs like buttons so, so easy. You just have to point, then click, and then tweak.

What Is The Wix Website Builder About: Get Started in Just 5 Minutes

When getting started, Wix will ask what type of website you want to create and then will offer template suggestions that will match your needs. After you select the template you will get two options – Wix ADI (builds your website) and Wix Editor (where you create your website). The ADI, after learning about you, creates the exact kind of site you want while the Editor lets you drag and drop really fast.

The Wix Editor comes with tutorials, so you will be guided properly. This will be followed by selecting a domain name and purchasing a plan. Everything that you do here gets completed so fast that it will be difficult to believe.

What Is The Wix Website Builder About: Plans To Match Your Budget

The price can be a concern when purchasing such a great product, but that is not the case here. Wix has been created to match all budgets. It also has a free version and you can even opt for one of its paid plans and take advantage of the many amazing features including unlimited bandwidth, remove Wix ads, 10GB storage, $300 ad voucher, form builder app, and so much more.

What Is The Wix Website Builder About: Great Customer Support

The Wix library has common issues and trending topics that people may want to learn about, and most of your queries are likely to get answered here. Also, Wix is very friendly and active on their social media groups, and thus you will get to enjoy pretty quick responses whenever needed.

Wix Review: Conclusion

Wix certainly is one of the best options as far as website building is concerned as it offers the most amazing design templates. Their site builder is also very easy to use to customize templates with drag-and-drop and point-and-click features. So what is the wix website builder about? To put it simply, Wix will help you create a perfect website in just a few minutes, and if this is what you are looking for, you must give Wix a try.

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  • Sandra ehinomen says:

    Nice article, am still getting to learn how to beautify my newly opened website, this article is going to be helpful for me already have seen that,I think am going to use wix to design and publish my website ,  I am going to study more on wix website builder, you have written so much about it already anyway. Keep up the good work. Thank you 

  • Denis says:

    Wix!  I have heard a lot about it but I never actually learned anything about it until today!  So, if I understand correctly, Wix has its own platform and you publish your website from it. So if I understand correctly it similar to  WordPress but in a different manner at the same time.  

    What I mean by that is that in your article, you talk about not having to code anything to build a website with Wix, well WordPress can also be used without coding.  WordPress is also free, but to get a premium template you have to pay for them but Wix has templates already included which is a big advantage.

    Let’s say you were a beginner, and you wanted to start your own blog, without looking at the price, but rather the ease of starting out and functionality, what would you suggest to start with Wix or WordPress?

    • Hi Denis,

      Thanks for your comments. I personally think I would start out with WordPress. I think it is as easy as Wix if you choose a theme/plugin with a page builder. With WP, a big advantage is that it grows with you more than Wix – I mean, WP can pretty much be made to do anything you want.

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