What Is The Weebly Website Builder

What Is The Weebly Website Builder

Weebly Review: Summary

  • Platform: Weebly
  • Website: www.weebly.com
  • Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required.
  • Earning Potential: N/A
  • Owners: Now Owned By Square
  • Price: From $FREE to $17/month Business
  • My Score: 7.5/10 – Recommended

Weebly – So What Is The Weebly Website Builder – The Best All-Inclusive Web Builder?

If you do not know much about the intricacies involved in web building then the many web builders available online today (our #1 web builder) will only confuse you further. It is very important to find the right one – not only to make sure the end result is great, but also to ensure things are super easy, and these are among the things that Weebly promises to offer. From experience, Weebly will help you make a beautiful eCommerce store or website even if you have no idea about how to code, yes, things really are that easy! If you already find all this interesting then continue reading and learn more about Weebly in further detail.

What Is The Weebly Website Builder?

What Is The Weebly Website Builder

Weebly is an all-inclusive platform that has been created to help users begin and grow their own online business with the help of modern, beautiful templates that helps them build a professional-looking website. Whether you want to create a website for personal or business use, Weebly is going to make things very easy.

It helps users to easily and quickly create a website without them needing to have any technical knowledge or coding experience. Weebly offers lots of professionally designed website templates so that you do not even have to worry for a moment about how you should start with designing. Whether you want a website that is classic yet feminine or something that is minimalist yet modern, Weebly has a design template to match.

Who Is Weebly Ideal For?

Weebly itself claims that it is has been created for any entrepreneur who desires to reach a worldwide audience. Since it requires no knowledge or prior experience to use it, it is perfect for a variety of businesses and users, particularly small businesses.

If you are a photographer or designer and want to display and share your portfolio, Weebly is ideal for you. It is also the right choice for you if you own a restaurant or bar and want to take online reservations/bookings, and even if you have a retail shop and want to reach a wider audience to enjoy better sales, Weebly will prove to be immensely helpful.

What Makes Weebly So Attractive?

What makes Weebly so attractive

There are quite a few reasons why Weebly has become so popular and why people find it so attractive, including –

1.Security And Speed

Weebly offers hosting for every website that is created on their platform. That does prove to be a pro for many users. They offer great load speeds, take care of security against spam and attackers, and with their business plans, they also help install and maintain SSL across the entire website. When website owners have someone else taking care of their security, backups, speed, etc, this certainly proves to be advantageous.

2.The Site Making Process

Another great advantage of an all-comprehensive website creator is that you will not have to write the CSS or HTML code. You simply need to drag and drop your chosen elements. Whatever you will see in the builder is also what you will find on your website. Weebly’s drag and drop features work amazingly well, and you will be able to use a custom CSS module which helps you edit the template to match your liking.

3.Education And Onboarding

When you begin using any software you reach a stage where you have to sit and think what to do next, this is known as onboarding and is pretty difficult to implement. The software maker does not want to annoy but also wants to help. Weebly offers a great education and onboarding not only through an email drip sequence but even with the help of small info buttons that they have built onto their platform.

4.Their Pricing

How much does Weebly cost

If you have no issues with your website being on a subdomain then you can enjoy Weebly free of cost. This is a great option for temporary sites and also startups. Otherwise their pricing is quite competitive compared to other such website builders. Their Starter plan costs $6 per month if you pay upfront, The Pro plan comes with extra features and costs $12 per month, and the Business plan is worth $25 per month. (These prices are even cheaper if you pay yearly).

Weebly Review: Conclusion

So what is the Weebly website builder? And is it any good? Weebly, without the slightest doubt, is one of the best choices for anyone in search of an all-comprehensive website builder. Their pricing is great, and they offer good functionality and an amazing user experience. Furthermore, they have a great customer support service, and you can contact them via chat, email, and also on phone, and thus, if you ever have any problem you can be sure that they will be solved almost immediately.

So, getting back to the question what is the Weebly website builder? Well, it is a web builder that you really do need to check out for yourself.

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  • Lynne says:

    Sounds like Weebly is a good way for beginners to get into the website building arena without having to invest a lot of money. Although, I assume you still have to purchase your domain name as a separate cost? It’s nice to know they offer great speed and security with their website hosting, that’s really important! Do they offer a great selection of templates to use? Might need to check this out, thank you for the information!

  • Murasa says:

    I actually stumbled Weebly a few years back when I wanted to start up my own website. I really liked how you can drag and drop; I had some HTML experience, but I’ve forgotten most of the lessons so this was really helpful! For someone who doesn’t have the time to learn HTML or if they have no idea what to do and need a visual interface, I would recommend Weebly for those people.

  • Triumphant Life TV says:

    Weebly is a comprehensive stage that has been made to enable clients to start and develop their very own online business with the assistance of present day, wonderful formats that causes them fabricate an expert looking site. Regardless of whether you need to make a site for individual or business use, Weebly will make things simple. It causes clients to effectively and rapidly make a site without them needing any specialized information or coding background. Weebly offers loads of expertly structured site formats so you don’t need to stress for a minute over how you should begin with planning. Regardless of whether you need a site that is exemplary yet ladylike or something that is moderate yet present day, Weebly has a structure format to coordinate.

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