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What Is RankPay

What Is Rankpay? Performance Based SEO Services. Get Top Rankings In Google. Earn More Leads. Sign Up For Free.

Rankpay Review: Summary

Platform: Rankpay

Website: www.rankpay.com

Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required.

Earning Potential: N/A

Owners: Shawn Bishop

Price: FREE Trial – $Various (get a free quote)

My Score: 8.0/10 – Highly Recommended

Whether you own a small or big business SEO has an important role to play and this fact just cannot be denied nor overlooked. You may start doing your SEO on your own but that takes serious time and effort and you surely have other important things to take care of. In such a situation, you may consider handing over the job to some SEO experts but that will cost you a large amount of cash, which will be difficult for small businesses to spend. Nonetheless, you have to be at par with your competitors and thus SEO cannot be ignored. What you actually need is affordable SEO, and the best company that can offer you this is none other than RankPay.

What is RankPay?

RankPay is a company that offers SEO services. The team is so confident about the quality of work they offer that they have implemented a full (100 percent) satisfaction guarantee policy for their clients. This means none of their clients will have to pay a single penny for the work that RankPay does for them unless they start enjoying an increase in their SEO rankings on major search engines like Google and Bing. This helps ensure that every single client will enjoy exactly what RankPay promises to offer them.

RankPay ensures your business gets the exact attention it deserves. They attract clients using the keywords that they look for while searching for businesses/companies with your skills. It helps promote your business on all search engines and perfectly so. They keep on offering innovative services and their specialties include social media management and marketing, SEO-tuned blog posts, and page rankings.

The Different Services That RankPay Offers –

There are various services that RankPay offers that make it a perfect option particularly for small businesses, and we shall learn about them right away.

What Is Rankpay? Performance SEO

As already mentioned, you do not have to pay any fees until your page starts getting hits. SEO page ranking will certainly take some time, about 45 days when the RankPay experts help you (it otherwise usually takes approximately 6 months), so you are not paying a penny for the empty time in between the hits.

It is also free to sign up with RankPay. Its contract states you will not have to pay if you do not get results. There is no need for you to commit for 6 months (the time that is taken by other firms to show results in search engine rankings). Also, there is a 7-day no-fee cancellation clause, just in case you change your mind post signing up.

RankPay even offers no-cost on-page optimizations wherein spider tools are run through your web pages to find the words that are SEO friendly as per the search engine filters. This basically helps you search those keywords that clients make use of to find businesses in your field.

Rankpay Really Is An Affordable SEO Service

What Is Rankpay? Social Marketing

The social marketing services offered by RankPay include campaigns that they maintain for their clients, for as long as they want, for very nominal monthly fees. Even in this case, there are no long-term contracts that you will be bound by. They are completely detailed and their services include posts that are relevant within the SEO framework and also regular interactions with followers through re-blogs, comments, likes, and so on.

You Can Outsource Your Social Media To Rankpay

What Is Rankpay? Blog Management

With RankPay you will get great quality blog posts that are written by US-based writers. The posts will be tailor-made for your blog along with SEO terms that helps improve blog viewings. Every blog package that you purchase from RankPay also comes with an Account Manager who will serve as the mediator between you and your blog writers to make sure you get the exact results you want. Depending on your requirements, you have 3 packages to choose from – Enterprise, Pro, and Standard.

Rankpay Can Even Handle Your Blog Management And Content Writing

What Is Rankpay? Website Designing

RankPay designs websites that help encourage engagement, improves conversation and helps earn top rankings. Each web designing project is customized keeping the needs and budget of the client in view. Each of the websites created by RankPay is SSL secured and WordPress is used – this is all created to be user-friendly.

Also, the websites are mobile-friendly and this helps you enjoy better search exposure. If you follow user-friendly design principles then it also increases the chances of converting visitors into customers.

What Is Rankpay? A Fully Developed Content Optimization Program

What Is Rankpay? Website Maintenance

Creating a healthy website is very important if you want to enjoy long-term success. Security as well as uptime are both important. If you use outdated WordPress or plugins your website is left vulnerable to attack and that spells trouble. You have to take care of leveraging CDN services, plugin updates and more, and this can be time-consuming, and at times you may forget about it. But if you opt for RankPay, you are fully covered. Their website maintenance service will handle all the on-going and up-front work, and do everything necessary on time.

RankPay also takes care of Content Customization and Local Citation for their clients, and all in the most amazing way.

Rankpay Offers A Number Of Different Website Maintenance Plans

What Makes RankPay The Best?

The first and the most important reason why RankPay has become so popular and also why you should consider it is because you can use their services for a short duration or for as long as you desire without thinking about any long-term contract expenses or any other additional costs.

The next most attractive thing about it is that it offers you weekly ranking reports which you will not get elsewhere. This ranking report will help you figure out where you are as far as your ranking is concerned and what is it that you want RankPay to help improve.

Thirdly, only talented writers work for RankPay and thus you can be sure your blog posts will constantly be the best, something which your audience will always appreciate.

Fourthly, RankPay can very efficiently improve your online presence, help you reach a wider audience, and thus increase your profits.

Rankpay Review: Conclusion

So, what is Rankpay? RankPay is the only SEO company of this kind. It offers the best SEO services but without any long-term commitments and nor does it have any loopholes. You will not even have to pay anything until you get the results, certainly, you could not ask for more, and this naturally makes RankPay worth a try.

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  • Mike says:

    Rankplay looks great, but i still have a hard time believing that they can take a new website to a high serp ranking in 45 days.  Most new websites are going to be sandboxed by google for at least twice as long as that depending on their niche.  

    That being said, not having to commit long-term to the service is great and their payment structure looks very fair.

    Thanks for the article, it gives me a new avenue to explore for building a website and getting it ranked.

  • Dianne says:

    Its brilliant that rankpay does not charge you unless you get results, for me this says you will get results for your money and that’s great to see! I like the no commitment for 6 months also. 

    This is definitely worth a consideration to increase your search engine optimization if and when it can be afforded!

  • Daniel says:

    I must say that I like this article primarily because I am looking for SEO writers. I did not heard about Rankpay so far but I think that it is definitely worth trying. I am interested in a free trial but if I am satisfied, I will upgrade. It’s great that there is legit and trusted company.

    • Hi Daniel. Glad you liked it. Joining the free trial is really easy and you can cancel at any time.

  • sanjay says:

    It seems like a valuable SEO service. Seo traffic is great source of revenue as people want the exact information and your blog has the answer for their queries. I have never used any SEO service before but want to try a good service for my ecommerce website in baby products niche. I would try Rankpay if budget allow. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Sanjay, thanks for your products. Use the tool on their homepage to find out the costs specifically for your website and for the keywords you wish to target. THANKS.

  • Lok Which says:

    I am a newbie in online business although I have a blog I built about three months ago but I haven’t been earning money from it and I have been searching for platform that can help me with contents, traffic and things that makes a blog stand out from others. Reading this I think its worth giving it a try. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi Lok. Pleased you liked it. Your site is very new and I personally wouldn’t pay out for anyone to do any SEO for you just yet.

      Just keep adding quality content to your site and keep to basic SEO practices. If you need more info on this then there is plenty of free training on this in the rest of my website.


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