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What Is A PLR Product?

What Is A PLR Product?

So What Is A PLR Product? - Have You Stumbled Upon Private Label Rights Content?

Are you wondering if it is content that you should use? Or, are you wondering how the heck you should actually use private label rights content?

Well stay where you are and I will answer the five top private label rights questions.  Now the five questions that I'm going to answer today in this very short article are usually the very first questions people have when they discover private label rights content.

Let's dive right in and find out what is a PLR product ...

“Wealthy Affiliate and the use of PLR is just that... a professional high-grade business that ANY individual can use to start building their affiliate business fast.”

Top 5 PLR Questions


Question Number One: What Is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. And basically, it is content created by a content creator and provided to others, either sold or provided free, to modify, re-brand and use as their own. Now, once you take possession of the content you are free to distribute the content according to the license set forth by the creator. You are not required to give credit back to the creator.


Question Two: What Kind Of Content Is Created And Sold As PLR?

Well, any kind of digital content that can be created is created. Some PLR is as simple as text articles. Then there are eBooks, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, social media graphics, social media captions, videos and you can even find fully developed digital courses.


Question Three: Who Uses PLR?

You would be amazed at the amount of people that use PLR. Bloggers, especially niche bloggers like health and fitness, gardening, cooking, sites like that. Then there's also someone who wants to create an eBook or an audio book. And also podcasters, course creators, the list is long. A very popular way to use PLR is to grow your mailing list. You can break up PLR to use as a five day email
course or a free offer.


Question Four: Why Use PLR?

PLR takes the work out of creating content from scratch. And since you never want to use PLR word for word or without changing it in some way you just have a great jumping off point. Now, a lot of times people don't even use the full PLR. They change some elements, remove some elements and expand on others. You can also combine different PLR's to create something altogether new.


Question Five: Will People Know I Am Using PLR?

Now, there is always a possibility that a reader or viewer will recognize PLR if you and someone else in your niche did not change up the PLR enough or add your own perspective. Now, it's always a good idea to present PLR in your voice. So if we're talking about a blog article, change up the wording to sound more like how you talk. And it helps to read the PLR out loud to help you recognize where you can and should change elements.

What Is A PLR Product? Have you stumbled upon private label rights content? And are you wondering if it is content that you should use? Or, are you wondering how the heck you should actually use private label rights content? Here Are The Top 5 Questions ...

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There's no denying that there are a myriad of online business models you can choose from... such as traffic arbitrage, direct linking paid traffic to affiliate offers, drop-shipping, not to mention a variety of black hat techniques (not to be touched!)

But the problem is most of these methods are either:

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PLR For Web Content

After experiencing countless setbacks we've come to the conclusion that it's always best to do things slowly and properly from the beginning rather than taking the shotgun approach and hoping
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Ever heard the expression 2 steps forward, 1 step back?... Well affiliate marketing is like taking 10 steps forward and 9 steps back. This is why only a small percentage of individuals succeed... and the ones that do make it will admit that it took them a handful of YEARS to get it right!

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

That's why we belive that high quality done-for-you PLR solutions are extremely helpful for the struggling marketer in mind.

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Wealthy Affiliate and the use of PLR is just that... a professional high-grade business that ANY individual can use to start building their affiliate business fast.

The reality is whilst many understand the theory, not everyone is skilled enough to put such a successful business together... and even if they are, they admit that it would take them
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struggle with the techie side of things

So, those are five of the top questions I get when somebody inquires about private label rights content. Since I have given only broad answers, if you have any further questions go ahead and leave a comment below.

Also, make sure to like and subscribe as I will continue to create other articles regarding PLR and how to give purpose to and repurpose purchased PLR.

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