What About Wealthy Affiliate Today: 19th October 2018


What About Wealthy Affiliate Today:

3 Of My Top Picks Of What Is Happening At Wealthy Affiliate Today: 19th October 2018

#1 – Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments Has Recently Been Revamped And People Are Loving It. “I want to help people build their businesses and if me giving them a well-thought-out comment will do that, then I am all for it” – this is, it seems, how many people feel within our great Wealthy Affiliate community.

what about wealthy affiliate

If you don’t know what Site Comments is then you should really take a look by clicking the green button below. Basically, it’s a great system for members to request comments on their sites by other members, and guess what? It works great! It really helps with your SE rankings if used regularily.

It really is easy to use and after the recent major revamp, you can easily keep track of both the comments you have made as well as the comments that have been left on your own site. Take a look.

#2 – A Premium Member Has Written A Great Blog Titled “If’s – But’s And Maybe” And I Think You Really Should Check It Out! She goes into a lot more detail but basically the post is broken down as follows:

If   If you reall want your own business to grow then you have to do the hard work, writing content and writing more content and guess what else, yep, you have to write more content.

But – But what if you skip some of the training so you can move forward quicker? WRONG!!!!!

Maybe – Maybe you can just do the odd post and it will be OK.. Wrong again! Complacency will never bring you success.

As Vickic3 explains in this great article she has seen an increase in the amount of newbies asking questions such as .. “When will I make money?”, “My site is a few months old, how much daily traffic should it be receiving?” and “How long will it be until my new content gets ranked?”

If you want to know … take a closer look at her articles as she goes on to explain these questions in much more detail.

#3 – Calvinator63 shares some of his extensive knowledge entitled A Dozen Golden Eggs to Share.”

What’s that all about I hear you say … well … funnily enough I’m going to tell you.

He goes on to expand on each of these in the article but the main points are:

  1. You have to remember that you are not a sales person
  2. Aim to be consisten with everything you do on your website
  3. Use Google Search Console. Watch, learn and understand.
  4. You are not writing to make money! You are writing to inform and help your audience.
  5. Show some character – make is personable.
  6. If writing a product review, be honest.
  7. You can still make commissions on the products you don’t like!
  8. Leave comments when you read other peoples blogs.
  9. Only YOU can control your attitude and mindset.
  10. Set goals.
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help.
  12. If things go wrong – adapt, find solutions BUT never give up!

Well there you go, a dozen golden eggs. Now you know.

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