What About Wealthy Affiliate Today: 18th October 2018

What About Wealthy Affiliate Today: 3 Of My Top Picks Of What Is Happening At Wealthy Affiliate Today: 18th October 2018

#1 – Golden Nuggets Are Common At Wealthy Affiliate. Even with the back and forth ‘chit-chat’ on Wealthy Affiliates Live Chat tool you can pick up loads of interesting and useful information as one Premium member pointed out.

What About Wealthy Affiliate

One of these converations concered the drop of traffic one person was experiencing on their website and were wondering and worrying if it was due to any recent Google update. However, this wasn’t the case, it was actually something else.

Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, joined in on this chat and once again provided us all with one of his ‘golden nuggets’ of information.

KYLE: Just never take the foot off the pedal, especially when things are going good. That is when you want to step on the pedal harder. Of course we panic and start to work hard when things are in a downswing, but you need to have that same sense of urgency when things are going well. (Stella2 – read more of these ‘Golden Nuggets‘)

Further to this it was explained that Google now, is actually coming down quite hard on sites that do not show activity and aren’t regularily updated. So if your site seems to be loosing traffic, it may not be Google doing it to you but insted you doing it to yourself by not updating your site on a regular basic.

If you are loosing traffic or rankings, don’t slow down your efforts or give up all together, instead keep going and make things happen.

Content and Activity is King!

#2 – Is It Possible To Achieve Authority Status In Your Niche? This great article by Kyle puts to rest the worry that many of us have. One you choose you niche to be in, is it really possible to become an authority within it as there already so many ‘experts’ established within the same niche.

Kyle goes on to give some really excellent, eye opening examples which show us that there is ample room in ANY niche to still become an authority.

You really need to read these examples:

The Story Of The Shoemaker …

Take A Look At Electric Cars – Tesla In Particular …

The 10,000 Hour Rule Really IS Changing …

And Even Better – Take A Look At Wealthy Affiliate Itself

The same can be said for any niche, whether you personally know something about that niche or indeed you know very little. One of the tricks is to just to feel confident that you can and WILL become an authority on your niche within the online world if you keep focus, constantly work hard to help others, and are always engaged in learning more about your audience. Authority awaits YOU.

#3 – The Stripped Back Basics Of Writing – The majority of people these days writes or types almost every day. This could be anything from the writing of reports, to sending emails, and even, thinking about it, texting!

It really is just about impossible to not write about something. So, when it comes to writing an article for our websites, it is really important for us to understand the effort that must go into writing an article and, maybe even more importantly, how to set it up. When writing an article such as this, it really does take planning, research, organization, and finally reviewing and submitting your article – well, that is if you want a job well done!

Basics Of Writing

  • Planning Is Key – Is it true that anyone can write an article? Probably … BUT what does it really take to write a GREAT article?
  • Fact Or Fiction – Research, research and … you’ve guessed it … RESEARCH!
  • Organisation Is Everything – Introduction, Body & Conclusion. We all know it … but how many of us ignore it?
  • Review What You Wrote Before The World Does – Don’t go ruining your reputation because you haven’t taken the few minutes to proof read your own article!

Writing articles as content for your site can be lots of fun, gives you a sense of achievement and provides a humanistic value to peoples lives. How other people tend interpret what you write about really does depend on how well you write it.

The internet is jammed full of information so, why not be a source of that information, accurate and truthful information that is.

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