What About Wealthy Affiliate Today: 17th October 2018

What About Wealthy Affiliate Today: 3 Of My Top Picks Of What Is Happening At Wealthy Affiliate Today: 17th October 2018

#1 – Is it enough to have just two keywords in your article when it comes to ranking on Google. A Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate argues that YES it is enough and goes on to back up this argument with examples.

Common knowledge seems to be that the keyword you want your article to rank for should be included in your title and near the beginning of you articles body … so how come when you do a Google search for a number of keywords, very often, a number of the results on the first page don’t even seem to use these keywords!

Take ‘how often should you walk your dog’ for example. Take a look at the screenshot below:


What about wealthy affiliate

Now go and try it yourself.

#2 – Earn higher commissions with Clickbank. Here Glen B takes a look at Clickbank and sings it’s praises for offering affiliates larger commission than many other affiliate programs …. such as Amazon for example.

Clickbank is a well known brand which people tend to trust when purchasing … this coupled with a nice 70% commission in many examples, you can see why this affiliate program is SO popular.

Did you know that as well as digital products Clickbank now sells physical products? I didn’t!

#3 – A well known member offers some great advice to newbies. Choosing a niche. What is a niche … is it a good one? We are told to choose something you are interested in and passionate about … why?

Good advice for your niche

Is this niche even profitable and how do you go about the research in order to find out if you can even make money withing your chosen niche?

There are many golden nuggets – take a look.

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