Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Is The Future

affiliate marketing is the future

Message From Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Marketing Is The Future

What follows is a transcript of what to expect from Wealthy Affiliate over the coming year and why affiliate marketing is the future:

People have come to expect brilliant things from us over the years and there is good reason for this.

In the past year alone, Wealthy Affiliate has transformed, evolved and innovated like no other year in our company history (with a secret “pet project” being launched in January).  In 2019 you can expect more of the same and expect member success and community to remain our “core values”.

I can tell you, 2019 is already shaping up to be an exciting one for Premium members.  The BEST one yet. And it’s true that affiliate marketing is the future.

We are on the brink of some incredible advances in the website and hosting industries.  We are making some huge break-throughs in the affiliate marketing space.  And we have entirely new platforms that are going to be introduced that will change the way you build a business online, and the speed at which you can do this.

Additionally, we are making some serious break-throughs in terms of website speed, load times, ranking capabilities.  For those of you that don’t know, the faster websites load, the better your relationship with Google and other search engines will be, the higher the engagement with your customers, and the higher the conversions.

We have a significant project on the “affiliate programs” side of things that is going to lead to more efficient approvals, insight and access to affiliate companies that typically were not within arms reach.

These are just a few things coming in the next few months (before we even get fully rolling in 2019).

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a place to build an online business, it is going to continue to remain THE place to build an online and affiliate marketing business.

I don’t want to leak too much information here about projects that we have slated for 2019, but I can tell you that we are working on some HUGE systems and platforms that are going to be included within the membership at WA.  Included with your Premium membership and projects that we have already been working on for over a year behind the scenes.

The upcoming year is TRULY going to be a year of greater success.  A year of greater help and communication.  A year of more knowledge, skills, and top tier training.  A year of brand new innovations and technology that are going to continue to make your life easier as an Internet Entrepreneur!

We want you to demand perfection.  We will continue to strive for it. 

If there is one thing that we have come to expect is that those within Wealthy Affiliate demand the best from us.  We appreciate that, because we share the exact same goals.

We have spent years aligning technology, training, and community to provide people with the most interactive and integrated online business platform in the world.  We are hardly done though, we feel heading into 2019 we are JUST getting started.

We are going to continue to make you more efficient in business.  We will do this through technical advances and by improving the way in which you build websites, create content, and get help.

We are going to put a great deal of focus on the idea of “instant help”.  You should never have to wait for help when you need it, and this is going to be a priority.  Currently average wait times for help within Wealthy Affiliate are around 4 minutes, we want to get this to under ONE minute in 2019.

I know we are nuts.  But that is how we roll.  One minute to get expert help with your business has been a goal of ours for quite some time.

We have a bunch very exciting, “member centric” projects in the works (all of which are of direct benefit to PREMIUM members), all contributing towards making WA better!

There are also going to be SEVERAL new ways to generate income right within WA in 2018. This excites us and should excite you.  There are going to be ways to scale your business at a pace that has never been possible before.

System improvements, brand new platforms and tools, further integration, keyword tool enhances, community improvements, more interactive training, and overall an investment to achieve your success.

We have a ton of exciting stuff coming in the next month, and LOADS of updates coming in 2019.

When you join, you are not just getting access to the WA awesomeness of now, you are getting access to all future systems and upgrades at Wealthy Affiliate.

All future training, courses, videos.  All future offers and beta programs rolled out within WA.  All future networking and affiliate opportunities!

Join using the link below and make your 2019 the most successful & exciting one yet! Affiliate marketing is the future – Especially At Wealthy Affiliate!

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WOW! You Need To Get Onboard Now. As An Example -  Currently average wait times for help within Wealthy Affiliate are around 4 minutes, we want to get this to under ONE minute in 2019!" 

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