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10 Great Ways Of Using PLR Content

10 Great Ways To Use Your PLR

Not sure how to use MRR and PLR content? Here are just a few ideas...

“There really are just so very many ways to quickly & easily make money with the very many different types of PLR products available to us.”

1. Blog/Article Posts

You can break any longer sections of content into more smaller parts and then publish them to your blog in order to create a whole series of posts around a particular topic with the aim of drawing new readers to your website.

I also find that using Private Label Rights content is ideal when you are preparing your website for a holiday/vacation or any other form of downtime. Simply pre-load your PLR based blog articles in advance so that no one will even notice you're gone!

2. Newsletters And Ezines

How about using quality PLR articles as-is (rewriting for your own particular nicheniche), or alternatively, take larger sections of longer, more indepth articles in order to create your newsletter or ezine.

You can even break them into a frequent, recurring series (maybe weekly), or simply use the topics for needed inspiration! Just add your own content, and call it a job well done!

3. Ecourses And Training

Special report Private Label Rights is also perfect for ecourses, as it is very commonly a much longer piece of content which has already been broken down into handy sections.

Make each of these sections into its own daily topic and then simply deliver it via your chosen autoresponder for hands-off list (and revenue!) building.

4. Membership Sites

Tell me ... hands up who wants to join a new membership site that looks like nothing more than a ghost town? Not many of you I bet!

Why not get a big head start on your membership site by simply pre populating your site with lots of high quality Private Label Rights content.

Ten, even when you "open the doors" for the first time, you will have loads of fantastic information available for your new members.

5. Videos And Audio

A really great way to stand out from the crowd and to literally put Private Label Rights in your own unique voice (which is very underused) is to record the information on audio or video.

You can then easily use these media files as a great way to drive lots of  traffic to your site, or you could even use it as content for your own paid courses.

There Really Are Just So Very Many Ways To Quickly & Easily Make Money With PLR Products ... Here Are 10 You May Not Have Thought Of!

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6. Special Reports

Add together a number of different PLR articles into just one document and save it as a PDF. You now have a quality document that you can give away or even sell as a report.

You could even use it as a form of "ethical bribe" for new subscribers to your email list, or even use it as a short report for generating income.

7. Podcast Content

We all find it difficult ... one of the very hardest thing to achieve with any type of content driven service is keeping up with the  need to finding more and more ideas, more information, more value, more inspiration.

Fight what we call “podfade” by using Private Label Rights for your latest podcast.

It's not difficult to achieve. All you need to do is take a small section from an article as a “tip of the week,” or alternatively record a whole entire series which is  based around a PLR special report or even a whole group of realted articles.

8. Sales Pages

Did you know that some PLR material comes complete with pre created sales pages. A real treasure trove! What this means is that if writing any type of sales copy isn't really your "thing", then you can just “borrow” that sales page for your own use.

In fact one well-known internet marketer regularily buys Private Label Rights content just for the sales pages! She actually just disregards the content and only uses the sales copy!

9. Speeches

Writing speeches can be very difficult (it's a talent in itself), especially if you are the type of person who really does prefer to remain well behind the camera instead of in front of it.

If this is you then why not take the  info from an appropriate article series or report and then just alter it and turn it into your speech, or even use anecdotes and examples from Private Label Rights content in order to flesh out your content.

10. Bonuses

Do you want to ramp up / freshen up the products you already sell, very quickly and super easily? Yes of course you do!

Then simply use PLR as a great, valuable bonus with purchase in order to make your offer into the “too-good-to-miss” offer that no one can resist!

Top hint: for massive added punch, why not record some as video/audio (as mentioned above) and give away a report and an ecourse as well.


There really are just so very many ways to make money with these types of PLR products you see here in this short article and infographic and there are so many more things you can do with PLR that it would take all day to go through all of the many great possibilities! In fact, even the 10 great ways to use your PLR content mentioned above can still be dug into deeper and developed even more!

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