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use twitter marketing

Why Use Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is, without question, one of the most active, popular social platforms on the web (along with others such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest etc.) The platform has about 310 million regular monthly active users and an extra 550 million regular monthly viewers who do not login to their own accounts but simply take in other people’s Tweets. About one-third of all US social media users are on Twitter and 80% of active users access the website through mobile. Somewhere around 500 million Tweets are sent per day which adds up to about 6,000 Tweets per second. Read on to find out why and how you should use twitter marketing for your next campaign.

Twitter Marketing

Businesses haven’t missed out on the energy of Twitter. About 65% of US companies having 100+ employees are marketing on Twitter. There’s good reason for this: The typical Twitter user follows 5 companies. 80% of Twitter users have discussed a brand in their Tweets, 77% feel more favorable about a brand when their Tweet is replied to by a business and 54% have taken some kind of action (e.g. purchase, register, visit website) after seeing a brand mentioned in a Tweet. So clearly, if so many businesses use Twitter marketing, then this must be an effective platform for any business – INCLUDING YOURS! Question is, how can YOU utilize it?

Developing Your Twitter Plan

Your Twitter plan ought to be in place prior to you even setting up your Twitter account so you can start executing and staying with it from day one. If you “assault” Twitter halfheartedly and without a strategy, you’ll do exactly what too many business owners do: you’ll ultimately let your Twitter marketing peter out. Nobody wishes to look like that humiliating business whose last Tweet was from 3 years ago (and there’s a ton of those!).

Twitter Marketing Plan

So usually, you’ll want to put down a plan in writing that covers your everyday activity on Twitter. For instance, maybe you’ll send out 2 tweets daily, Monday through Saturday. Perhaps you or one person among your business will do these tweets by hand each day. Otherwise, perhaps your weekly plan will consist of one hour every Sunday where you draft and set up each of your tweets for the coming week utilizing a social network scheduling tool like Warlord Social Suite (a sort of an Internet Marketing-friendly version of HootSuite). Then, perhaps you intend on taking part in Twitter Chats each week in order to grow your following and whole social network. Lastly, your strategy ought to include at least a day-to-day check-in (ideally more than once each day) in which you check for questions, discussions, retweets, etc (and respond to them accordingly).

Setting Up Your Twitter Account

Establishing your brand’s Twitter account seems easy enough, however here are some important guidelines. Your Twitter name should be your actual name or company name, while your “handle” needs to either be your company name or something appealing that represents your business. Remember, the handle is the “label” that you see after the “@” sign and it has a character limit, so your full name or business name might not fit as your handle in its whole.

Next, you’ll want to setup a powerful bio. Your bio needs to do two things: Accurately represent and present people to your brand name and also be enhanced for search results. You’re limited to 160 characters (at the time of this writing) in your bio so you’ll have to choose thoroughly what you can squeeze in there. Some important factors to consider for your bio are the hashtags you want people to discover you with, a brand or service description, your mission or function (on Twitter, particularly), and possibly your job/position in your business if you’ve got a personal profile.

Create A Twitter Account

After that, you’ll want to select a profile URL. Many businesses have the tendency to put simply their homepage here. That’s all right, however you should actually be aiming for something more special. Instead of your general homepage, attempt to develop a landing page specifically for Twitter users who arrive at your site through your profile URL. In this manner they can see something relevant and you could possibly collect valuable leads (and track the number of your leads that come from twitter!) or sales or showcase a Twitter follower-specific offer of some sort.

Finally, you’ll want to straighten out the visual representation of your brand name by choosing a profile pic, a cover image, and a color of design. Your profile photo could be your own portrait (make it snazzy and professional) or your company logo design. Your cover image must be memorable and in shape with the rest of your brand name image. Consider tossing a call-to-action (CTA) in there too. As for your colors, just make certain they match your brand name and communicate the sensation you want your followers to experience. The basic idea with all of these things is to keep your brand representation constant across all your social network platforms.

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