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Professional WordPress Theme Creator & Customizations. If you want great training on how to become a professional WordPress theme creator then you need to sign up for this one.

Jay, an expert at Wealthy Affiliate has written a highly informative video course on the following topic:
Professional WordPress Theme Creator & Customizations. This training is exclusive to members at Wealthy Affiliate, they are always an “action packed” hour in length, and they include a full interactive “Question & Answer” section afterwards!
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There have been some “rockstar” video classes in just the past couple of weeks.

Here is direct access to the video “replays”:

Advanced Widget & Framework Customization

Managing Your Website Design Through CSS

Using Custom Menus (Main, RHS, Footer)

The Money Funnel

Best Ways to Monetize (and Scaling)

WA training is always promotion free and always packed full of pure value. I hope you get the chance to check out this world class training as it is going to be another way to advance your skills and success online!


Sometimes we get to a point with our websites where we feel we need to a refresh or a complete overhaul to our design.

As our skills advanced and as we establish our brand, often times we also want to make a statement with your website theme design. In this class we are going to cover when to know you are ready for a new theme, the different places you can purchase premium themes, and how to customize your theme through their customization settings. After this course you will be like a professional WordPress theme creator.

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Introduction to WordPress Themes
When is it Time to Change themes?
What Dictates a Good Theme
Places Where to Purchase Premium Themes
Let’s Install and Set-up a Custom Theme Live!
Live Q & A Session

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