Twitter Marketing Ideas You Can Use To Help Leverage The Power Of Social Media & Sky Rocket Your Online Business!

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Twitter Marketing Ideas

Twitter Marketing Ideas & Trends You Need To Know About

Twitter is, without doubt, one of the most active and popular social platforms on the web. Just look at some of the statistics:

 Twitter has around 310 million active users each month and, in addition to this, 550 million monthly viewers who do not login to their own accounts but instead read other people’s Tweets.

 Approximately 35% of all US social media users use Twitter and almost 80% of active users access the Twitter via mobile phone.

 Somewhere in the region of 500 million Tweets are sent each and every day which, unbelievably, adds up to about 6,000 Tweets per second!

 About 65% of all US companies having 100+ employees are marketing regularily on Twitter.

 The average Twitter user follows 5-6 businesses.

 80% of all Twitter users have mentioned a brand in their Tweets, 77% feel much more positive about a brand when their Tweet is replied to by a business and 54% have, in fact, taken some kind of action (e.g. purchase, sign up, visit site) after seeing a brand mentioned in a Tweet.

So this can be clearly seen that this is a very powerful platform for any business. The question is, how can you leverage it for your own business?

How to Leverage These Trends in just Four Easy Steps (Pay close attention to Step 4)

Step 1: Make sure to develop your Twitter marketing plan in as much detail as possible.

Step 2: Setup your Twitter account and your profile in order to be the face and "social soul" of your business or brand on Twitter.

Step 3: Start posting regularily, building you're following, and converting your followers into customers.

Step 4: Make sure you TAKE ACTION and implement these steps quickly and easily using our amazing new Twitter Marketing Video Series!

video #1

Video #1 covers the important stage of your Twitter plan development. What you want to do, how you are going to do it, how you will measure the results etc.

video #2

Video #2 is about making a start with your Twitter activity and the importantance of not making your campaigns too salesy. It also goes into the art of sharing, retweets and hashtags.

video #3

Video #3 is where we are going to expand on video 2 and learn a few more advanced techniques. Following other RELEVANT Twitter accounts, real-time interactions and the use of images are just a few of the things to be learnt.

video #4

Video #4 is where we’ll develop your battle plan and also figure out the best ways to implement what you’ve learned.

Course Resources/Tools

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Ultimate Guide On How To Use Twitter

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