Do This To Get 55% More Engagement On Twitter.Com

As Far As Social Media Marketing Goes, Is One Of The Big Dogs

There are over 321 million monthly active users on Twitter, so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the platforms that most marketers would benefit from joining when doing their social media marketing.

Question is: how do you get those millions of users to engage with your content: by retweeting, favoriting your tweet, clicking on your link, responding to your tweet, and so on? 

Well, a Twitter internal study of 3.7 million accounts showed that Tweets with a GIF gained 55% more engagement than those without. 

Surprised? GIFs may be relics of the old internet, but they are still very popular in social networking. 

And just so it happens that someone at Squirrly is a GIF enthusiast (read junkie) but we won’t give out any names.

We turned to him for the best sources of GIFs out there. And here’s the list he came up with for finding the perfect GIFs for any post, mood, and occasion.  

Do you use GIFs in your tweets? If not, maybe it’s time to start.

Source: Twitter Business

So Are You New To What Is Twitter Anyway? What Are The Basics You Need To Know?

Founded in 2006 Twitter is a social network that allows users to send messages called tweets. These messages can be read by that person's followers and the wider world. Twitter is completely open with anyone able to read someones tweets unless they've been set to private.

Because of this openness, Twitter is a public and accessible space where anyone can sign up for a Twitter account (it's free), connect with others and share their experiences and thoughts online.

But How Does Actually Work?

To post tweets and interact with other people you need to have an account. When setting up your account you have to choose a name or handle, this starts with an @ symbol and this is how people can communicate with you directly. In the screenshots of my Tweets below you can see that mine is @websitejoint. Once you've got set up you can start tweeting.

Tweets are limited to 280 (previously 140) characters and if you go over this limit you won't be able to post your message.

You can make your tweets stand out by using pictures and gifs which are animated images like this one which uses a picture below:

Pictures On Twitter.Com

Let's Take A Quick Look At The Anatomy Of A Tweet

Below is a Tweet from my account. I've used a picture to make it stand out and you can see that the tweet has come from my account as it has my website name, profile picture (I use a "thumbs up" icon) and my @ handle at the top as well as information about when I tweeted (3 hours ago in this case).

Backlinks From Twitter

Along the bottom are some symbols which allow you to interact with the tweet and also some indication showing if people have already interacted.

1. First up is the speech bubble symbol

By clicking on this you can reply directly to the tweet in question and your comment will appear directly below the Tweet.

Any conversations posted like this can turn into a chain so people can follow a conversation as it grows

If there is a number along side it then this indicated the number of replies the Tweet has received (even if a reply has previously been deleted).

2. Next is the double arrows

This is the retweet button. By clicking this you can effectively tweet an exact copy of the original tweet to your own followers.

People often do this because they like the tweet and want other people to see it.

3. We also have the heart symbol

This allows you to like a Tweet, a bit like the thumbs up symbol on Facebook. This heart symbol was a new addition to the history of Twitter around 4 years ago when it successfully replaced a star which previously allowed people to favorite a Tweet.

4. The next Twitter smbol is the up arrow

Clicking this shows you a drop down list of extra actions - Send via direct message, Add Tweet to bookmarks and Copy link to Tweet.

5. Finally is the 3 bar symbol

Clicking on this open that particular Tweets Analytics. Here you can find useful information such as Impressions (the amount of people who have actually seen this Tweet on Twitter) and Total Engagements (the amount of people who actually interacted with the Tweet).

Right Back To Tweeting

If someone Tweets a message with your app name in it you'll get a notification that someone has mentioned you and you can then check out what they said and respond accordingly. This type of conversation is visible to anyone, even more so, if someone follows both you and the person you are talking to.

However, Twitter also has a handy direct messaging system for those conversations you want to have in private. You will have a feed as part of your account which will show your tweets from people that you follow.

You can make this feed work for you by following people that are interesting or useful for you to follow because they work in an area that you want to move into as part of your career or they're doing some cool research you want to keep up with for example.

Twitter Is About Interaction

You might also want to encourage people to follow you so they can see what sort of stuff you're posting about.

Aside from using links, images and gifs, which will increase the chance of someone interacting with your tweet exponentially, you can also use hashtags.

Hashtags are a popular and important part of the Twitter language.

Any hashtag starts with the hashtag symbol (#) and can be any combination of letters or numbers but they must be a continuous string #likethisone

As soon as you've written your hashtag term it will become a blue link. If anyone now clicks on that link it will create a feed with all the tweets that are around Twitter using that same hashtag.

Do This NOW To Get 55% More Engagement On Twitter.Com

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But Why Is This Important?

Well first of all the hashtag often denotes or emphasizes the subject of your Tweet. If someone is looking for what people are saying about that particular subject then using a hashtag increases your chances of being spotted among those 500 million plus Tweets that get sent every day!

Do check for existing use of your hashtag so your tweets don't get mixed up with another conversational topic and also try reading your hashtag out to yourself to make sure you don't accidentally tweet something a little bit rude like pen island did!

As with anything online, the freedom to communicate on can be taken advantage of, so anyone can post anything they like even if that content is abusive or targets certain people. However, Twitter assures us that they are working hard to improve this unsavory part of internet culture and gives you lots of options to block mute and report anyone who might be causing trouble.

Twitter is, by its very nature, very informal so do try to use it that way. Have fun, use pictures and use hashtags or other peoples @ handles to create conversations or get involved with existing ones.

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