The Money Funnel & Sales Funnel Builder

Sales Funnel Builder

The Money Funnel & Sales Funnel Builder: Best Ways to Monetize (and Scaling)

Jay, an expert at Wealthy Affiliate has just produced a highly informative live video class on the following topic:
The Money Funnel, Best Ways to Monetize (and Scaling).

This live video class is exclusive to members at Wealthy Affiliate, run each and every week, they are an “action packed” hour in length, and they include a full interactive “Question & Answer” period afterwards!

Click beneath to watch the sales funnel builder recording NOW!

There have been some other great “rockstar” video classes in just the past couple of weeks.

Here are just a few of some of the other video “replays”:

How To Get Traffic to Your Funnels

Creating a Great Follow Up Sequence

Creating Brilliant Capture Pages That Work

A Basic Introduction to Money Making Funnels

These classes at Wealthy Affiliate are always totally promotion free and always packed full of pure 100% value. I hope you get the chance to check out this week’s live class, it is going to be yet another great sure fired way to advance your skills and success online!

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Make Money With A Funnel


As soon as you have built and developed your funnel building procedure, it is necessary to focus on delivering constant and continuous value to your list.

The success of your list depends on this relationship building. You likewise will want to begin thinking about the building out process of your follow up series so you can set your list in autopilot mode and possibly gain a consistent and long term stream coming from this series. When you hear people say the money is in the list, this is what they mean!

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Introduction to this Money Funnel & Sales Funnel Builder Concept

Is the money really in the list or is it just hype, or worse still, an outright lie!

Selling affiliate products and services

Sustaining buyers that keep wanting to come back for more through constant value (easier to sell to an existing customer than to create a new one)

Creating a monetized offer live, right before your eyes!

Sales funnel builder live Q & A Session

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