The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses: Ulitmate Guide

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses: Ulitmate Guide

If You Would Like To See All The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses All In One Place Then You Will Love This Ultimate Guide.

I have collected together as many affiliate marketing training courses / platforms as possible.

With your help I may be able to find many more! please leave your suggestions in the comments at the bottom.

At the very bottom is my directory of the top affiliate marketing training courses which I have reviewed. Again, this will be frequently added to.

Want to find the best place to learn affiliate marketing? Get all your affiliate marketing training here.

Check it out:

1. Wealthy Affiliate (#1 Recommended)

Wealthy Affiliate: The Number One Affiliate Training Course

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best way to learn affiliate marketing online - anywhere. It is also the most trusted affiliate marketing platform with hundreds of thousands of members, thousands of training courses on everything to do with affiliate marketing and loads of powerful tools. All this may be enjoyed with a free starter account. Check out our Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more about the best affiliate marketing course 2019

2. Affilorama (#2 Recommended)

Excellent Affiliate Marketing Training

If you're a newbie or experienced marketer or anything in between the Affilorama is the best affiliate marketing training course for you. It offers a true step by step affiliate marketing training plan that is clear and easy to follow. Check out our Affilorama review if you want to enroll onto the complete 2019 affiliate marketing course.

3. Site Sell / Solo Build It! (#3 Recommended)

If You Want Great Affiliate Training Then Take A Look At Site Sell/Solo Build It

Solo Build It! isn't just a website builder, it actually has everything you need to build a successful online business. There is nothing to install meaning that it is always up to date and 'on trend' with the latest rules, regulations and ststems. With it's amazing tools, the process and all the expert training - there is nothing else quite like it! Is Solo Build It! worth it? Well, it gets a big YES from me!

4. Chris Farrell Membership

One Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

The Chris Farrell Membership - Online Success Made Simple. Chris makes his training here very easy to follow. It is broken down to easy bite-size pieces over a 21 day period making it ideal for those just starting out online. It has been voted a number of times in the past as being the #1 internet marketing training program.


Strong Futures International Affiliate Training

The SFI Hompage lists 22 reasons why you will love SFI. I will list a few of the SFI products and reasons here but for the full list just check them out for yourselves. Free training, learn at your own pace, you can start earning money within hours, more than 100,000 sevices and products from sellers throughout the world ...

6. Affiliate U

This Includes Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

If it's some 1 on 1 affiliate marketing coaching you are looking for then Affiliate U may be the one you are looking for. With consultations through Email, Skype and by phone together with bi-weekly conferences, Affiliate U is a little different in it's approach. So if you fancy taking a look at their affiliate coaching program head on over and take a look.

7. Fizzle

Get A Great Affiliate Marketing Education

The guys over at Fizzle want to help you earn money by doing something you love. They are offering a 14 day free trial if you are interested in finding out more. The have produced a number of courses based around an expert in a certain fied such as - How To Start A Blog That Matters (with Corbett Barr), SEO For Bloggers (presented by Matt Giovanisci), Do Affiliate Marketing The Smart Way (Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income).

8. Local U

Is This The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

This one is a little different! It's more aimed at local marketing but I feel it is worthy of mentioning in my 'mega-list'. It initially offers a 4 hour crash course on internet marketing with much emphasis on local search. If you then want to go on and learn more advanced local seo then they can accomodate that also. This is a serious, quality 'outfit', for example, they frequently have representative from both Google Places and Bing Places For Business attend their events and give talks!

9. Authority Hacker

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Again, this is another one of those websites that is a little different. In addition to offering some free affiliate marketing training you can also view the Authority Hacker Blog, listen to the Authority Hacker podcast or indeed, check out some of the tools they have tested and reviewed. This is one that must be making you curious to see more!

10. Neil Patel (HOT!)

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

This is one of my favourites. Neil Patel must be one of the most experienced, recognized and influential marketers on the web today. His website is one of my goto sites on a regular basis. Instead of telling you about the site I'm instead going to say a couple of lines about him. New York Times bestselling author. Called a top influencer by the Wall Street Journal. Forbes says he's one of the top 10 marketers worldwide. Entrepreneur Magazine says he has created one of the top100 most brilliant companies. Need I say more.

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11. John Chow

One Of Many Affiliate Marketing Programs - "I make money online by telling people how I make money online" pretty much describes what this site is all about & it does exactly what it says. It focuses in on 3 main online business models and shows you exactly how to use them to make money online. He offers a free ebook that he has written entitled 'The Ultimate Online Profit Model' which he describes in his own words as "Discover the secrets I used to take my small blog from a few visitors to hundreds of thousands, and how I made millions along the way!"

12. LukePeerfly / Luke King

Learn Affiliate Marketing From An Expert

I have been keeping an eye on this guy for a while now and I am loving what he does. Not only does he have this website ( but he also has, and too! There is way too much info. here to talk about it but I will be doing a full review on all of these websites soon.

13. CharlesNgo

Top Affiliate Marketing Website

As you can read above in the screenshot, Charles Ngo has been very successful. If you want to learn how to make money online too then I suggest you take a look at his Top 5 Mistakes, The 3 Most Important Variables, His Exact Schedule Each Day and Examples Of The Different Systems He Uses. He offers a blog, free training and a weekly newsletter.

14. Zac Johnson

Affiliate Marketing Tips And Lessons

Zacs site is full of interesting and useful articles and everything to do with starting and running a business online. He also offers a number of services such as Blog Setup, Full Site Development, Course/Membership Site, Social Media Branding and SEO & Content Marketing.

15. High Paying Affiliate Programs

This Site Offers Some Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Bill Burniece runs the site High Paying Affiliate Programs which looks at things from a slightly different perspective. Why promote affiliate programs that only pays you $29 when, for the same amount of effort you can promote affiliate programs that pay out as much as $500 per sale! Find high paying affiliate programs and whilst there check in on Bills training too.

16. Legendary Marketer

Get Yourself An Online Marketing Education

Legendary Marketer's Club, Traffic Rolodex Bundle, Marketer Mastermind and Entrepreneur Mastermind are some of the tools you get to use at Legendary Marketer. Here you can learn all the necessary marketing, business and personal skills needed in order to succeed in the highly competitive online marketplace.

17. The Super Affiliate Network

Showing Affiliate Marketers How To Grow Their Business

Misha Wilson is the person behind The Super Affiliate Network. His speciality is growing traffic and converting it. There are 6 main components that set this website apart from the others. A Live Interactive Community, Live Training, Global Sales System, Cutting Edge Traffic Training, Email Marketing Mastery and 1:1 Hands On Help.

18. ClickBank University

One Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses?

Everyone has heard of ClickBank right? But not everyone is aware of ClickBank University. Their website is huge and the training they offer is even bigger - too hard to condense down here into a couple of sentences.

Take a look at the video to the left and then head over to the site itself. Tell me your thoughts!

19. STM Forum

Affiliate Market Training In This Forum

Once again, another site that's a little different. It's actually a forum and although it doesn't offer a training course as such what it does offer is a great forum and online affiliate marketing community. They have grown cosiderably since their launch in 2011 and now offer a number of networking events, seminars and conferences around the world.

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20. Elite Blog Academy 4.0

Learn How To Create A Successful, Profitable Blog

A strange one this! I would love to know what you guys think? Registration to this training is only open once a year for 5 days! That's right, you only have a 5 day window every year to sign up for their training (although you can go on their waiting list!) Has anyone had any first hand experience of Elite Blog Academy? If so, let me know your thoughts at the bottom.

21. Powerhouse Affiliate

Powerhouse Affiliate

As you can see from the screenshot above, Powerhouse Affiliate claims to have the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training. The training here specializes in CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate marketing campaigns & supports this training with real life examples of campaigns they are currently running themselves.

22. Lurn / In Box Blueprint


How about learning to do affiliate marketing without a website? This website shows you how to build an affiliate marketing business using just email! It comprises of a free 2 part online workshop which shows and explains to you the 5 steps needed to make this happen. Who says you need a website!

23. Niche Profit Classroom 5.0

Niche Profit Classroom

Another site that regulates how many people can sign up to it at any one time. At time of writing Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 was closed and only accepting people onto it's waiting list. So, this is a system that has been developed which aims to teach you how to create your very own online niche business much of which is done through automation.

24. AWOL Academy

AWOL Academy

This site claims to be the Worlds most comprehensive internet marketing education and mentoring platform. It's training is through a number of different courses/modules including Pro Academy, Inbox Academy, Conversion Academy, Traffic Academy, Masters Academy and AWOL Elite.

25. Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets

DotCom Secrets is a book! That's right! A real paperback book! Russell Brunson is setting a challenge to sell 1,000,000 copies!

"I wish I would have had this two years ago.  I paid him $25k to learn this stuff, and you're
getting it for FREE..."

- Liz Benny

26. Centre Of Excellence

Centre Of Excellence

Centre Of Excellence has many courses including this one - The Affiliate Marketing Diploma Course. With a 5 star rating on TrustPilot and over 1.2 million Facebook likes! it looks like it may be the 'real deal' which contains 150 hours of study spread out over 10 different modules. These modules are History Of Affiliate Marketing, Introduction To Affiliate Marketing, Various Affiliate Marketing Networks, Getting Started, Examining Trends And Markets, Marketing Products On Your Website, Getting Traffic & Improving Conversion Rates, Past & Current Issues, How To Promote Your Business With Affiliate Marketing and How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business.

27. iStudy

Certified Affiliate Marketing Course

The iStudy Certified Affiliate Marketing Course. Nearly 20 minutes of affiliate training on areas such as - How Exactly Do You Pick A topic?, Make As many Websites As You Like Without Spending More Money, Pumping Your Websites Full Of Traffic, Great Places To Get FREE Keyword Rich Links, Affiliate Marketing Strategies and Step-by-Step Checklist To Affiliate Success. At the end of the course you take a mock exam and then your final exam. When you pass you are rewarded with a Level 2 Certificate.

28. Business Tool Set

Get Exclusive Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Check out the video to the left which tells you all about Business Tool Sets Free Webinar Signup. This is an affiliate marketing course mainly for beginners which aims to steer you away from the common mistakes often made by newbie affiliate marketers.

29. Coaching Elevated

Get Affiliate Marketing Coaching

Want to run your own affiliate marketing business with nothing but your smartphone? Thought that would grab your attention! Why don't you take up the offer from these guys and sign up to their free training and find out more.

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30. John Academy

John Academy - 15 Affiliate Marketing Courses

The John Academy has many different courses and amongst them they have 15 courses dedicated to affiliate marketing. A few of the courses on offer are Affiliate Marketing Online Certificate Course, Professional Affiliate Marketing Course, Diploma In Affiliate Marketing, Clickfunnels Affiliate Training Course and Level 2 Certificate In Affiliate Sales.

31. The Affiliate Marketing System

Get A Free Affiliate Marketing System

The Affiliate Marketing System is a free course comprising of 11 training videos, 11 MP3 audios, 14 downloadable PDFs, Leadpages Facebook Profit Tracking Dashboard and Plug And Profit Leadpages.

Watch the video to the left to find out a little more and then head on over and take a closer look.

32. The Challenge For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Video Guide

By entering your name and email you are told that you will discover the most comprehensive, step by step video training course and how to build a successful affiliate marketing business online by selling other peoples products, starting from scratch. Has anyone tried this ... let me know below.

33. Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Learn All The Affiliate Secrets

An 8 module affiliate training course including Module 1: Your Game Plan, Module 2: Finding Hot Buyers, Module 3: Traffic Legion, Module 4: Make More, Spen Less, Module 5: Automation Templates, Module 6: The Products, Module 7: Long Term Business and Module 8: Creating A Team.

The one off price on this one is a little steep but go and check it out anyway.

34. Project 24 / Income School

Income School

This affiliate internet marketing course shows you how to create your own money making niche website. It identifies 4 main features -  60 step approach to building a profitable site, a thriving community for advice, a podcast providing you with up to date techniques and a whole library of different courses that ensures you know everything you need to know. Watch the video of one of their success stories.

35. SEO Affiliate Domination

SEO Affiliate Domination

Inside SEO Affiliate Domination you will find. A NO BRAINER step-by-step Guide To Creating Your Own Cash Generating Marketing Campaigns. A Total List of Either Completely Free or Very Inexpensive Marketing Tools. How to Generate Tons of  Website Traffic with little or no Competition. How to Effortlessly Put Yourself on The Same Level of Popularity as Top Companies and Entertainment Trends In Your Niche. How To Cut Fat and Build Muscle When it Comes to Making Money Online. Unique Scaling Strategies for a Variety of Different Markets.

36. FIMP / Free Internet Marketing Project

Learn How To Make Money Online Free Of Charge

Grab this - it's free! 15 hours worth of internet marketing training. Lessons include. Intro to the Free Internet Marketing Project™ [25 Min.] Section 1: The ONLY Way Anyone Gets Rich Online [45M] Section 2: Essential Mindset Training for Success [1HR] Section 3: Picking and Polishing the Perfect Niche [2H 35M] Section 4: “The Foundation” Building Your Website [3H 30M]  Section 5: “The Frame” Lethal Keyword Research [3H]  Section 6: Writing High Quality Content That Gets Ranked [2H]  Section 7: How to Promote Your Website and Get Traffic [1H]  Section 8: Now How the Hell Do I Make Money? [45M]

37. Builderall (HOT!)

Builderall - Create A Million Dollar Business

Wow! I love the look of this one - can't wait to review it properly, I think it may perform really well. Just think, I almost didn't include it in this list! I'll tell you why.

It's not strictly an affiliate marketing training platform BUT the do have a training section within it which looks pretty good. Watch the video.

38. Four Percent

Four Percent Online Income Training

Join a global online community of over 200,000 entrepreneurs. Here at Four Percent you can get the training and resources you need to be more successful online. It offers over 20 World class courses throughout over 150 different countries. A few of their current courses are Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income, Get Traffic Like A Boss and Why You're Failing.

39. Skillshare

Skillshare Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

This is a collection of over 50+ courses for affiliate marketers. Skillshare is an online hub for many different types of training class. Currently there are over 26,000 training classes! Anyway, a couple of the affiliate marketing training classes that caught my eye are Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur's Guide which has had over 1,000 students and Abandon The 9-5 Mindset: Become An Entrepreneur which has almost reached to 1,000 mark.

40. Udemy

Udemy Has A Large Collection Of Online Affiliate Marketing Courses

Udemy is very well known. Just like Skillshare above, Udemy is a website which contains a massive variety of training courses - over 100,000 at the last count! As far as affiliate marketing courses are concerned, using the link below will take you directly to all 299 affiliate marketing online courses at Udemy. There really are training courses on everything to do with affiliate marketing. Go and have a look.

41. Smart Passive Income (HOT!)

Smart Passive Income

"Hi, I'm Pat Flynn! I'm here to show you through my own experiments exactly how you can stop trading time for money and start building a business that works for you. I'm here to show you how it works." This is one of the newer sites I have actually stumbled upon and I have found myself coming back to it time and time again. I'm sure you will like Smart Passive Income too.

42. Backlinko (HOT!)

Backlinko For Affiliate Marketing SEO Training

Wow! What can I say about Backlinko! This guy really knows his stuff. Brian Dean's site is, in my opinion, one of the best online if you are wanting to learn anything to do with SEO. I have recently been visiting his site on a regular basis and am starting to implement lots of his teachings and pearls of wisdom. He starts his whole site off by saying, and I quote. "Here’s the brutal truth about SEO: There are WAY too many people in internet marketing today that think “great content” is enough. They say, “if I publish great content, Google will rank me”. If only it were that easy…" And things just keep getting better and better the more you delve into Backlinko. Can't wait to do a full review on this one. Everyone, you have to take a look!

43. Quick Sprout

Grow Your Business Faster With Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is a great site with loads of information about affiliate marketing, blogging and getting traffic. If you navigate from their home page to University there is loads of great training from everything to do with online marketing. How to find a niche for affiliate marketing, how to find and evaluate CPA offers, how to get more engagement from your Facebook fans and how to find awsome content to share on social media or just 4 of the several hundred training topics.

44. Pro Blogger

ProBlogger And The ProBlogger Podcast

ProBlogger has been around since 2004 and since that time has been teaching bloggers to start and grow their blogs and eventually to make decent money from blogging ie. become a professional blogger! There are literally 1000's and 1000's of posts (somwhere around 8,000 at the time of writing) on all aspects of blogging. Add this to the training courses and podcasts, ProBlogger is a fantastic resource for everyone interested in online marketing and blogging.

45. Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger Training And Guest Blogging Course

Smart Blogger is great! Smart Blogger is a little different ... and I will briefly tell you why. They offer a Guest Blogging Certification Program and they have a number of different gust bloggers providing content for their site. You too can sign up for this program ... but only if you are serious about blogging! There is loads to learn here from their articles and the also provide a number of courses. Blogging is their main focus and blogging is a major focus with affiliate marketing too. Smart Blogger deserves its place in this Ultimate Guide.

46. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

If you haven't seen Matthew Woodwards blog yet then you have been missing out. He takes a no nonsense approach the affiliate marketing and SEO and has been highluighted on several big hitting websites such as,, and to mention but a few. He has helped thousands of people to increase their organic search traffic in order to get more free traffic to their website. He can help you too.

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So What Do You Think?

It is now over to you to help make this one of the best affiliate marketing training courses available.

What Do You Think Of This List?

Let me know in the comments at the bottom if you know of an affiliate marketing training resource that should be included.

I hope you have enjoyed The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Ultimate Guide and have found it of some value. If you have the please share it! I will be updating this frequently. THANKS.

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Caelan Cheesman

I live in the UK in a small village called Minster in the South East of the country, not too far from Dover and Canterbury and only around 80 miles from London. I have been making money online now for a number of years and have built this site specifically to help others to also achieve success online!

  • pablo says:

    Wow caelan. Superb list you’ve complied here. Thanks a bunch! 😀
    I’ve been personally looking for some great affiliate marketing trainings, both to learn from, as well as to recommend (everything is here!).
    Thanks again

    • Many thanks Pablo. Glad you liked it. Took me ages to research and put it together!
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    Over 120 hours of video training for a buck? Yup..
    I just joined this business. It has a lot of training from beginners to advanced. It’s like a business in a box as well they have all the tools you need along with all the training and the best part is that it’s just $1 to join and try all of it out. You have access to all the training anytime you want it to.It’s worth checking out here is just a few things you get: Blog, autoresponder, task manager, capture page, rotator, tracker and lots more. It’s like a business in a box and thats not even mentioning all the free training. So maybe this can help someone who is trying to get started and dont know where to start. g=

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