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Ever Wanted To Start A Website Business In Local Marketing? With the help of Local University (Local U) NOW might just be the right time!


Local U Review: Summary

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  • Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required.
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  • Price: $60 first month / then $129 monthly
  • My Score: 7.5/10 – Recommended


Due to the rise of technology, businesses now need to put in a lot of consideration into how they market online (especially if they want to start a website business in local marketing), as businesses can reach just as much, if not more local people on the internet. Of course, the internet marketing game is completely different than the traditional one, and it isn’t as easy as one might think to get into.

Fortunately, there are an infinite amount of places online where one can learn the ropes of internet marketing, and one of the the best places to do that is at Local University.

When looking for a crash course on the intricacies of internet marketing, Local U is the place to go.

Whether you’re looking to start a website business in E-commmerce, or simply finding ways to up your internet marketing game, Local U gives you all the information you need.

Local U brings in the top minds when it comes to local search, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media to talk about how to move forward in today’s fast-paced world of internet marketing.

Local U was made specifically for business owners and especially those wanting to start a website business in local marketing, and they offer a four-hour crash course on the basics of internet marketing, with emphasis on local search. The Local U faculty is comprised of well trained veterans in the world of internet marketing who are masters of their craft.

The faculty has SEO experts, people who have worked with Google, and people who have found success in online marketing for their small businesses. This all-star faculty makes sure that everyone and anyone who attends their forums will leave with knowledge on the basics of internet marketing.

There are so many different ways to learn from Local U. They have face-to-face seminars, online videos, and online blog discussions which allows them to reach small business owners from all around the globe. Regardless of what people use to learn on Local U, be it their seminars, or just their blogs, one thing’s for sure: there’s so much to learn, and it can be learned on Local U.

Because of how great their content is, a huge percent (85% to be specific) of their customers would recommend Local U to other small business owners.

With so much great content on the site, and a premium faculty, one would be surprised at how much Local U charges for their services. For about $60 for the first month and $129 every succeeding month, you get to join Local U and be exposed to everything that Local U has to offer. Their great forums led by a knowledgable faculty, their quality videos and blogs are all available at your disposal for under $150 a month.

This is truly a smart investment for your business.

Local U Review: Conclusion

It’s no secret that starting a business is hard. It isn’t and has never been an easy task.In the past, business owners had to worry about so many different things all at the same time, and that has not been made easier by any account as the online market has made things even more complicated for business owners.But with Local U, you get to learn so much about internet marketing that you’re sure to make noise in the online world. To sign up, visit their website at:

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