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SEOquake Single Handedly Does Many Of The SEO Tasks That Are Important To Your Website

Have you ever wanted to run SEO analysis that offers the data that you are interested in but without having to use any of the standalone programs, without having to invest in over-expensive licensed software? Have you ever wanted to enjoy SEO on the go but are doubtful if it is possible? Well, all this and more is indeed possible – all thanks to these great SEO extensions. Without waiting any longer lets find out how to use SEOquake in more detail.

What Is SEOquake?

SEO Quake is a free browser plugin that offers you organic research data and all at just a click of a button! It has been created by SEMrush, the famous digital marketing platform, and helps you access significant SEO insights and metrics of a particular page, keyword analysis, and SERP with simply a click. It is compatible with Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

SEO Quake Information

Who Is SEOquake Ideal For?

Many of you must have tried getting information on your competitors by analyzing SERPs and then trying to figure out who is ranking where. You search for a certain keyword, analyze the results that you get and then manually collect details for each of the landing pages you have seen. If you are tired doing all this and wish you could collect all the analytical data required for every domain or landing pages right from the SERP and not having to waste hour after hour then SEO Quake is ideal for you. SEOquake is available for download as a number of different SEOquake extensions:

What Makes SEOquake So Popular?

There is lots of essential informational SEO data that the SEO Quake browser extension can help you get and lots of interesting features which we shall learn about right away.

Search Engine Indexed Pages

A great thing about SEOquake, which also adds to its popularity is the fact that it helps you see the exact number of indexed pages of your site or blog on Bing and Google and that too very easily. You will not have to individually visit Bing and Google to learn about how many of your site pages have been indexed there. You get to see all these data collectively in one place. Also, you can see the number of indexed pages of other websites you choose.

Site Ranking

With the help of this popular browser extension, you will be able to keep an eye on the SEMrush and Alexa rank of your site. Again, you do not need to visit these sites separately thus saving both time and effort.


Keyword Density

You must surely understand, or at least heard, that the keyword density of everything that you publish on your blog is very important. With the help of SEOquake, you will be able to see the keyword density of any content on any page that you visit.

Also, as you check the keyword density of some other popular blogs with the help of this tool, you will be able to understand what should be the ideal keyword density for the keywords you have selected for your blogs. This helps you create better keyword-rich content, and thus enjoy better results.

SEO Dashboard

Page Information

When you click on ‘Page Info’ you will get to see the various important data of any web page including your own. For instance, you will get to see meta keywords, keyword density, meta description and more.

SERP Overlay

SEO Page Audit

When you select ‘Diagnosis’, you will get to see the SEO audit of that particular page. What does this mean? Well, you will get important information like if your site has a proper meta description with the correct length or not, if your website has a proper title tag and if meta keyword tags have been used or not. It helps you check robots.txt file, image ALT tags, HTML/text ratio, heading tags, and a lot, lot more.

On the top of the page, you will be able to check and make a note of those icons that shows the metrics your website has passed and which are those that need correcting.

Compare Domains Or URLs

Yet another great thing about SEO Quake is that it helps you compare the SEO friendliness and page ranking of many sites at once. You just need to click on the “compare URLs/domains” tab, paste those URLs you wish to compare, click on the “process URLs” button and you get a proper, detailed report.

With the help of this page, you can optimize your website for keyword competition or for any other SEO strategy. It will be a good idea to import as many links using the CSV file as you can. Though it might take a little longer to get the results, the results that you then get can be used for charting.

Keyword Analysis

External And Internal Links

If an SEO analysis tool does not offer you reports on the internal links of a website then it will not really be of much use. The internal links tab of SEO Quake offers you a full report. If you are really interested in the kind of links to a certain website, then the Internal Links tab will prove to be helpful.

The external links also are very important when you try to optimize your website for page ranking. Just like the SEO Quake internal links the external Links too are very useful.

Print And Export SEO Data

Display Advertising

If you get to see the advertising profile of any website that you are analyzing it will certainly prove to be very helpful. SEOquake’s “Display Advertising” tab helps you to know about the total number of publishers and ads that live on the website that you are analyzing and also breaks them into text ads and media ads. This information will be immensely helpful if you are thinking of deploying ads for your website.

SEOquake Review: Conclusion

SEOquake single-handedly does the job that you otherwise would require many other tools to do and, on top of this, you get to enjoy such amazing features free of cost! It is only when you start using it that you will understand how immensely helpful it is and how easy it makes things. So, what are you waiting for? Find out how to use SEOquake and start using this tool right away and open doorways to an array of benefits. You can download the SEOquake extension from here: download SEO quake extension

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  • GVporras says:

    Thank you for sharing this great information about this browser extension, First time  I heard  about SEOquake but after I read your article I started to like this seoquake  browser extension it seems to be really great tool and even better is free I like the I don’t need to open another browser to get access to it, I will give it a try.

    • Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the review. It’s rare these days to get so much quality for free.

  • Jon says:

    One of the delights of randomly browsing the Internet is coming across a post like this. As of a few minutes ago, I had not heard of SEOquake, but it very much interests me now. I like the fact that it works with so many different browsers. I personally have three going at any one time, so that is helpful.

    I’ve been delving pretty deep into SEO research in recent months, and so this comes at a good time for me. I find it can be pretty labor intensive but this plug-in appears to take a lot of the labor out of the process.  

    Thank you for the information!

  • Matt's Mom says:

    Ok, this looks like something I gotta have!  I have been looking into a product that can really give me the big picture about my site.  This one seems to do it all!  I think it will create a bit of work for me, but anything to get my ranking up there better would really be terrific.  Do you use this product now, and if so has it made a difference for your site?

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