The Best SEO Tools Online [The Ultimate Guide]

The best seo tools online - ultimate list of over 50

If You Would Like To See All The Best Available SEO Tools Online, All In One Place, Then You Are Going To Love This Ultimate Guide.

Here I have collected together as many of the best available SEO tools online as I possibly can (there are hundreds online - not all of them good!) and have listed them here - in no particular order (Although I have recommended a few of them). This is probably the most comprehensive guide to the best SEO tools online available - and if it isn't, then with your help, it will be!


Well ...

"The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is completely awash in auditing, tracking and reporting tools of one kind or another. Choosing the right tools or services can be overwhelming for the SEO beginner or experienced SEOer alike." - How To Choose An SEO Tool For Beginners

We hope to help you through this minefield and cut down on the time it takes to find the right tool!

So if you want to find the best SEO tools online in order to help you with your SEO and get more targeted visitors (and sales) to your site then you will find all the imortant SEO tools right here in my expertly-written guide.

Ok. Let's dive right in.

The Best SEO Tools Online ULTIMATE GUIDE [over 40 & counting!] The SEO industry is awash in auditing, tracking and reporting tools. Choosing the right tools or services can be overwhelming for any SEO beginner.

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1. Link Assistant / SEO PowerSuite

SEO Tools Online: Link Assistant - All In One SEO Software And SEO Tools

One-stop SEO software. Rankings, on-page, backlinks and reports - SEO PowerSuite covers every single step of any SEO campaign of any caliber. With its unique and extremely intuitive User Interface and a complete wealth of professional level features, it really is the perfect fit for Search Engine Optimization newbies and experts alike and really is your all in one easy-to-use SEO toolkit.

2. Raven Tools

Raven Tools SEO

Why not try Raven SEO tools for free which comprises of 6 amazing SEO and reporting tools and is trusted by thousands of marketers, freelancers and agencies. Site audits, keyword & competitor research, backlink analysis & link spy, rank tracking, comprehensive SEO data and PPC + Social + Email & call track reporting - Raven seems to have it all.

3. Majestic

Majestic - Authority And Trust

This marketing search engine by Majestic is for SEO professionals, media analysts, developers and entrepreneurs alike. It has crawled and found billions of unique URLs and uses this information for it's site explorer, backlink history checker, search explorer and link intelligence API tools. This is a heavy hitter in the SEO world which you must try out for yourself.

4. Alexa

Try Alexa for keyword research, competitive analysis & website ranking

Grab a free trial with Alexa, an Amazon company, and explore all it has to offer. "Find, reach and convert your audience with marketing that works" by using their keyword difficulty tool, competitor keyword matrix, on-page SEO checker, competitor backlink checker and SEO audit tool amongst many others, and reap the benefits achieving better marketing results for your business.

5. SE Ranking

SEO Software For 360 degree SEO Analysis Of Your Website

SE Ranking is an SEO platform for everyone. Business owners will love it's 100% accurate position tracking, deep analysis of websites, social tools and marketing plans. SEO pros will enjoy the powerful backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, shared access and the near infinite number of keywords available for tracking. Digital agencies on the other hand will benefit from white label, powerful reporting tools, its API and the ability to have additional accounts with different access permissions.

6. Content King

Real time seo auditing and content change tracking

With Content King you will be able to see what is really going on with your website, for the first time ever, in real time. With 24/7 monitoring, actionable insights & tasks and alerts this cloud based, real time SEO auditing really will impress. Look after your websites technical foundation as even excellent content can't survive on its own!

7. Serpstat

Growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing

With customers such as Lenovo, L'Oreal and Shopify the tools offered by Serpstat must be good. But who else can benefit from Serpstat? Well, anyone who wants to make money from their website. Be you a solo entreprenure, digital marketing agency, an in-house SEO team or a larger enterprise, you will all benefit from Serpstats positions tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, competitor research tools and more.

8. SpyFu

Competitor keyword research tools for Adwords, PPC & SEO

So what does SpyFu do? Well, it helps to increase your rankings on specific keywords by finding those keywords that are most important in your niche. It does this by enabling you to download and analyse your competitors most profitable keywords for organic search by using its PPC competitor research tools, SEO competitor research tools and keyword research tools.

9. WooRank

Website review tool & seo checker

Not sure why your closest competitors always seem to rank higher than you? With WooRank you won't be in the dark anymore! So, what will it let you do? Generate and track the progress of your SEO website review, save time and energy by easily creating full site PDF reports, discover your competitors top performing keywords and adapt your own strategy, learn how to optimize your website with easy to action tips and keep an eye on how well your keywords are ranking.

10. SiteGuru

Check your website for SEO and usability issues

If you think about some of the issues on your site that may easily go un-noticed such as broken links, slow pages and content issues ... then SiteGuru will be able to find them, deal with them and give you the peace of mind of gaining higher rankings, happier visitors and technical awesomeness. Go and check your site now for free. Just enter your website address and enjoy your free, tailor made SiteGuru report in 15 minutes.

11. Linkody

The most accurate backlink monitoring tool

If you want to track your link building campaigns the easy way then you could do worse than to use Linkody's backlink tracker. Getting and keeping backlinks is an important SEO factor, where Linkody comes in to play is with giving you an insight into your competitors linkbuilding strategies, knowing when you gain or lose links, analysing your link profile with loads of metrics and easily identifying and disavow bad links.

12. Nightwatch

Search Visibility Tracker

One of the most advanced SEO analytics tools and performance trackers which they themselves describe as "SEO software for control freaks". See search performance of your site. See the most important changes on your site. Access custom keyword segments and graphs. Get notified on important changes to your site. See automatic keyword suggestions for growth. See performance of particular keywords. What more do you need?

13. Ubersuggest (Recommended)

Free Keyword Tool - Generate More Suggestions

We all want more traffic. Ubersuggest helps you to achieve this - for free! Win the SEO game with Ubersuggest's domain overview, top SEO pages, Keyword suggestions, content ideas and backlink data. Imagine if you could reverse engineer your competitors successful SEO, content marketing and social media strategy. Now you can AND go one step further and improve upon it! Check out our full Ubersuggest review.

14. Clearscope

Modern SEO Software

Great content just isn't enough. In order to gain more organic traffic, your content needs to be not only readable, shareable and clickable but it also needs to be highly relevant to what people are looking for. What makes the difference in your marketing campaigns is understanding SEO’s importance in your content strategy, and learning how to insert SEO into the creative process. Clearscope does just this.

15. Moz Pro

SEO Software, Tools & Resources for Smarter Marketing

Higher rankings for the correct targeted keywords leads to more quality traffic. Moz Pro helps you to do this through understanding your visitors, tracking your rankings, crawling & auditing your sites, optimizing your pages and finding new linking opportunities. Moz is powered by their industry leading Search Engine Optimization metrics which includes Domain Authority & Page Authority giving you the highest quality data available to do your job.

16. SimilarWeb

Website traffic statistics & marketing intelligence

Who is SimilarWeb for and why? 1/ Marketers - reveal the best strategies from the market and your competition. 2/ Researchers - Understanding your market, your competition and, of course, your customers. 3/ Affiliate Marketers - enhance performance throughout your sales funnels. 4/ Investors - evaluate companies and empower better investment decisions.

17. Yoast SEO

The #1 WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that you really can't do without and as such it is the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress. What features does it have? Well ... just about everything you need, and only Squirrly in my opinion is better. For all of Yoasts features you really will need to click through to the site and see. Needless to say it takes care of all the usual SEO concerns and more.

18. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Tools, Software & SEO Articles

SEO Site Checkup offers user friendly analysis and monitoring of your sites SEO and is trusted by over 5,000 webmasters, small business owners and SEO agencies. Check out the video below.

19. RankPay (Recommended)

Performance Based SEO

Do you have a great website that no one is visiting? Get started with SEO and improve your site's visibility on Google, Bing and Yahoo to start seeing the web traffic you deserve. Finding a trustworthy SEO provider can be difficult - but it doesn't have to be. Where many SEO companies require long-term contracts and upfront payments, RankPay offers a painless & afforable turn-key SEO solutions for businesses of all sizes. Service is billed on a performance-based model, so if your site doesn't rank, you don't pay. Check out our full RankPay review.

20. Squirrly (Recommended)

Keep ranking with top SEO marketing software

I highly recommend Squirrly as do a number of others including Neil Patel (Ubersuggest), Brian Dean (Backlinko) the BBC & Microsoft. Download today for free and join over 150,000 business owners who optimize their WordPress sites for both Search Engines and Humans. You'll go from being never found to always found on the first page of Google. Take a look at our Squirrly review.

21. Jaaxy (Recommended)

The worlds most advanced keyword tool

The best way to find out about this great keyword tool which I highly recommend is by giving it a try below:

Take a closer look by reading our full Jaaxy review.

22. Answer The Public (Recommended)

The free visual keyword research & content ideas tool

If you are still using the auto suggest results by Google when searching for keyword and content ideas then, quite frankly, you are way behind the times! Read our Answer The Public review to find out why you should be using this unique tool if you are serious about beating your competition. We are all searching for something, but as a website owner, are you really giving your potential customers what they want to read?

23. Keywords Everywhere

Free keyword tool showing monthly search volume, cpc and competition

Keywords Everywhere is a free extension tool for both Firefox and Chrome. What it does is to add search volume data, CPC and competition data to all your favorite websites - well, 16 of the top, most used ones for SEO anyway! If you carry out a lot of SEO then this free keyword tool extension will save you a lot of valuable time and effort. Follow the big orange button below and take a look for yourself.

24. Detailed

Get all the SEO secrets you are looking for

Trust me ... this will be well worth taking a look at! This guy gets paid by large companies such as Amazon, IBM and Cisco to reverse engineer the rankings of top sites and in the process of doing this, often discovers new SEO tactics never shared before ... until now! Sign up to the free newsletter and also take a look at Detailed Pro link database tool.

25. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

SEO spider tool and crawler software

26. SEO Web Page Analyzer

Free web page analyzer tool for SEO

As they say themselves, because the guys at SEO Web Page Analyzer are "nice guys", they have created this for you to use for free. It analyzes one page at a time for it's content and structure and works out the build quality and content quality from a usability, accessibility and search engine point of view. It uses a simple and clear red croo or green tick system in order to indicate if a problem exists in a particular area or not. 

27. SeedKeywords

Seed Keywords engine is a free keyword tool. Find seed keywords for free.

Voted by SEMRush as the best SEO tool on the market, Seedkeywords helps you to find those little gems, namely, valuable keywords. Although a very powerfull tool it remains very simple to use. it lets you first set a specific search scenario and then invites your friends to answer it as if they were using a search engine! Confused? Don't be ... just take a look for yourself.

28. Seobility

Online SEO software & free SEO tools

Seobility helps you to better optimize your website quickly and more easily and of course making it more SEO sustainable in the long term. Seobility scans and continuously monitors all of your websites pages and will notify you of any changes wherupon you can take any necessary action immediately. The four main tools utilized are its SEO checker, keyword checker, ranking checker and TF-IDF tool.

29. LSIGraph

Free LSI Keyword Generator

LSI keywords are keywords that you will generally find that are related to the main keyword. In relation to SEO it is these keywords that we should be using throughout our content in order to help search engines understand out content much better. This is what LSIGraph has been developed for. So what are the benefits of using LSIGraph? The main 3 are. Discover LSI keywords for your specific topic & niche. Find out exactly which LSI keywords to use. Get a good glimpse into top performing content for your keywords

30. SEO Review Tools

Free SEO tools making SEO accessible

There seem to be hundreds of these types of multi-SEO tool sites online these days, most of which are a little dubious and usually seem to underperform. This one is different ... and if you don't believe me then take note of who recommends SEO Review Tools - Neil Patel (, Olga Pukhalskaya ( and Cyrus Shepard ( Can't get much better than that! Go now and check out these 36 real-time free SEO tools.

31. Google Trends

Google Trends

So why use Google Trends for SEO? Using it gives you a big SEO keyword planning advantage over your competitors who may not be using it. This tool lets you enter a search term and see its popularity over a period of time. It can also be used to find related search terms as well as for showing you a geographical map of where these search terms are the most popular.

32. Lipperhey

Lipperhey makes your website rank higher

They claim that this is the most comprehensive free SEO service (although there is an upgrade). Maybe it depends on your point of view or your definition of comprehensive BUT Lipperhay does seem pretty good especially as it's free. As used by PayPal and Yellow Pages the free tools include website analysis, keyword suggestions, SEO analytics and backlink checker. 

33. Copyscape

Plagiarism checker & duplicate content detection software

34. Siteliner

Find duplicate content on your site

Siteliner is a free service that lets you explore your website, revealing key issues that affect your site's quality and search engine rankings. Among many others, Siteliner provides you with a report for your site on such information as duplicate content, broken links and page power. Siteliner is a great tool that trust and use on a regular basis - any why do I trust it so much? Siteliner is owned and provided by the people who created Copyscape (see #33 entry above) which continues to be the web's most popular search engine for duplicate content and plagiarism.

35. Google Webmasters (Recommended)

Resources to track website & search performance

In my view this is a necessity to have in your SEO arsenal and you can't do without it! I am sure most will agree. For those of you that haven't encountered the Google Webmaster Tool / Google Search Console before then I encourage you to PLEASE take the time to view the video below.

36. SERPsim

SERP simulator - SEO title and meta description tool

Enter your text SERPsim is one of the most accurate SERP snippet generator and simulator optimization tools available. Fetch title and meta descriptions from existing urls or create new ones from scratch, the choice is yours! Follow the very latest Google updates 2019 SERPsim will always keep you within the current pixel length limit and alert you of any important changes. If your not too sure of what this does then head over to and take a closer look.

37. Mangools

Juicy SEO tools you will love

So what does Mangools do? Practically everything including finding long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty, getting localized Google SERP competitor analysis, track your positions with one key metric, easily replicate competitor backlinks and have all the important SEO metrics & insights under one roof. With customers such as AirBNB, Alexa, Skyscanner and Adidas you really should take a closer look.

38. Ahrefs

SEO tools & resources to grow your search traffic

Quite simply, one of the best in the industry, highly recommended by myself and used by loads of top companies such as Facebook, Adobe, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, Ebay, Shopify and Tripadvisor. Wow! When I last checked ranks for over 41,000 great keywords (I wish they would give me a backlink!). Competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink research, content research, rank tracking and web tracking - it does it all.

39. XML Sitemaps

Create your Google sitemap online with this XML sitemaps generator

40. Wordtracker

Free keyword research tool

The Wordtracker Keywords tool delivers a major SEO edge that free tools just cannot give. Put quite simply, it is probably one of the most authoritative keywords tools on the Web. So, if you want to generate more targeted traffic and multiply your profits, Wordtracker is the one for you. Keyword research no longer has to consume hours of your time and no longer has to involve guesswork. Give it a try!

41. Can I Rank?

Can I Rank Faster With The Best SEO Software For Small Business

Can I Rank is the only SEO software (as far as I know) which is backed up by data showing that they are over twice as accurate as other leading SEO tools. There site audit and reports, action points and more are so very detailed and leaves nothing to chance. Can I Ranks is the first Search Engine Optimization software to use Artificial Inteligence (AI) to give you specific action recommendations instead of just the data! For each of these recommendations you get detailed, actionable DIY steps. You've got to try this one!

The Best SEO Tools Online ULTIMATE GUIDE [over 40 & counting!] The SEO industry is awash in auditing, tracking and reporting tools. Choosing the right tools or services can be overwhelming for any SEO beginner.

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I hope you have enjoyed The Best SEO Tools Online Ultimate Guide and have found it of some value. If you have then please share it! I will be updating this frequently. THANKS.

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