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SEO Ranking Factors For Top Number 1 Ranking Pages On Google

seo ranking factors

SEO Ranking Factors Are Like A Moving Target. With Squirrly SEO: Focus Pages, You Will Be Able To Take Better Aim And Reach The First Page Of Google.

One of the biggest challenges that always comes up in conversations with site owners, bloggers, and marketers has to do with navigating Google’s ranking algorithms.

SEO ranking factors are not a flat, one-point checklist. It is much more than that.

It’s more like a puzzle with many moving parts; a maze that you can easily get lost in if you don’t have the right guidance.

With Squirrly SEO: Focus Pages, you’ll finally step out of the maze. 

The Focus Pages system provides turn-by-turn guidance to help you navigate Google’s ranking algorithms and reach that dream destination: the 1st Page of Google. 

Focus Pages takes care of interpreting highly-complex data for you and passes it down in the form of tasks that you need to complete to reach Search Engine success. 

"Just like you use your car’s GPS system in order to get the best route to your chosen destination, you can likewise use Focus Pages in order to generate a fully customized path to Search Engine Success for each and every one of your websites pages."

Introducing Focus Pages: the Assistant that Maps the Road to Better Rankings.

Google determines who should land in the first 10 results of every single search query by using Ranking Factors. The company has big checklists of what every single page inside your site needs to have in order to achieve the first positions in Google search.

Don’t you wish you had that checklist in your hands? Now you can. Focus Pages brings everything that matters for Google today into focus - providing you with: 

Precise SEO Checks that are relevant to how Search Engines work today.  

Notifications on problems that are stopping you from reaching the 1st Page of Google (with detailed instructions on how to solve them)

A gamified experience for working on tasks. Red is for signaling problems and green is to cue your wins. The end goal is to turn everything green inside your Focus Pages section. When you do that, your pages have a real shot of achieving high Google Rankings.

Reaching Those Top 10 Positions In Google Is No Longer A Blurry Pipe Dream – But A Within-Reach Destination That You Can Get To By Following A Clearly-Defined Path. #SeoRankingFactors #WordpressSeo

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Check Out A Few Example Screenshots:

Trying desperately to rank your pages without having first, a clear blueprint, and solely relying on generic, general "one size fits all" advice or fragmented, "bity" information will, I guarantee you, get you stuck in a gigantic maze with absolutely no clear sense at all of where you are or where you want to go next! This is where Focus Pages  SEO comes to the rescue in solving this problem in a way that has NEVER been done before.

Focus Pages completely maps out the road to Google and Search Engine Success by bringing to you what REALLY DOES matter for SEO into "pinpoint" Focus via clear checks that are highly relevant to how Search Engines work today.

What really makes Focus Pages totally "leading edge" and groundbreaking is the simple fact that it provides totally customized and highly relevant and precise information on how to rank your pages on a truly case-by-case basis. Say no to those generic, one-size fits all instructions that you can find elsewhere and anywhere and which, more often than not, leaves you feeling so much more confused than when you first started!

For one of your pages you could have 11 things you need to do, and for another page, you could have just 7 things you need to focus on. This is truly tailored right down to page/article level.  

Say for example, one of the pages you’re trying to rank is optimized for a keyword with really high-competition. This will significantly reduce your chances of ranking. You may need to find a better keyword! Focus pages does this for you, for every page and post.

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