SE Ranking Review – Could It Really Be One Of The Best SEO Platforms?

SE Ranking - SEO Software For 360 degree SEO Analysis Of Your Website

SE Ranking (The SEO "Swiss Army Knife") – Could It Really Be The Best SEO Platform With The Best Prices And Plans? Let's Take A Closer Look ...

SE Ranking Review: Summary

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SEO is like some form of "black magic" to so many people. It is so very common for people to search through many different SEO platforms and tools in order to try to find the "best one". It is not an easy job to search through different SEO interfaces, pricing plans, integrations, and layouts. Then there is a tool for competitive research, one for White Label, yet another for social media management and there are also so many other SEO tools for so many other purposes ... where to begin? Confusing? Definitely.

This surely makes you long for one quality, trusted SEO platform that would offer you all these tools, a "Swiss Army knife" for SEO if you like. But does it really exist? Well, I believe your wish is just about to come true with SE Ranking. Read on ...

SE Ranking has all these tools and more

SE Ranking Has All These Tools & More (click to enlarge)

What Is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform for online marketing and SEO professionals, small business owners and SEO beginners that offers a full set of amazing marketing and SEO tools for website ranking, competitor analysis, site audit, keyword suggestion, automated professional reporting, backlink monitoring, and more.

The platform includes everything you require to promote your website and keep it healthy from an SEO perspective, and the best thing is, it is so very easy to use even for those who do not have experience or knowledge in online marketing. No wonder some call it the "Swiss Army knife of SEO" as I have said previously - and in my opinion, rightly so.

SE Ranking Statistics

Some Of SE Rankings Statistics (click to enlarge)

How Can You Start Using SE Ranking

Set Up the Keyword Rank Tracker To Begin With

First, you need to sign up for an account and then add the website that you desire to track or optimize for. Click on the “Next” button and then you will need to connect your Google Analytics. You should connect your own account here so as to use the analytics tool to uncover data and then send them to SE Ranking. If you are a company that designs SEO reports for customers then this feature will prove to be very helpful for you.

Enter those keywords that you desire to rank for your website’s pages. If your web site’s pages are ranking for particular keywords you will get to see them at the bottom. You just have to add those keywords from this list that you wish to track so that there is no need to conduct research for them.

If you cannot decide what keywords you should include here you can use the Keyword Suggestion tool to find keywords. Since you may not be able to leave the space blank and move to the following step you may just enter some random keywords for now and proceed.

After deciding the keywords, you have to select the search engine that you desire to use to track. Next, select the database or country that you plan to target. If you want to get even more accurate rankings then you can also indicate the location here.

You now need to wait for a while to get your results and the wait time can be anywhere from minutes to hours depending on how many keywords you have entered. Once SE Ranking has completed tracking your site pages’ ranking for your chosen keywords you will get to learn about their accurate and exact position for your selected database.

Put Your Online Marketing Plan Into Action

After your ranking is set up, SE Ranking will help you get started with everything that is SEO related.

Your online marketing plan is basically a checklist of all that you, as a business, are require to do in order to optimize your website. If you are amongst those who do not know how to launch an SEO strategy then this feature is ideal for you.

This list offers you many optimization methods that you should definitely carry out, and when you follow them, you will end up creating a website that will be found on Google easily in due course. How simple, easy and effective is that!

SE Rankings Online Marketing Plan

SE Rankings Online Marketing Plan (click to enlarge)

Keeping Track Of And Schedule Social Media Messages

With SE Ranking you are also able to incorporate social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Twitter. You can easily add data that you draw from your social media sites into your reports and also schedule messages that you want to publish. You will not need to use any separate social media schedulers ever again.

SE Ranking Social Media Manager

That's Social Media Taken Care Of (click to enlarge) 

Carry Out Competitor Research

If you want to properly understand how your site is performing as far as SEO is concerned, you have to find out how the same keyword that you are ranking for is doing for your competitors.

When you select Competitors followed by Top 10 at SE Ranking’s menu bar you will get to see the graph of the 10 top SERP position for that keyword you have been tracking. Then, you will get to see those websites that you have to look out for and learn from (reverse engineer) so that you have a greater chance of appearing on Google’s first page for your selected target keyword.

Now... keep scrolling down and you will get to see the top 10 results pages for your keyword. These pages are categorized into backlinks, Moz DA, and Alexa Global rank. Amongst these backlinks will be of maximum importance. Each factor on this page is a result of the link building strategy that one follows. The higher the quality of the links that you generate the better will be your ranking in the search results.

So, you need to give importance to the top pages’ backlinks and also figure out how you can get links from these pages.

SE Ranking competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis Is A Powerful SE Ranking Feature (click to enlarge)

Perform A Keyword Research

If you have no idea about the keywords that you need to optimize for then the Keyword Suggestion tool can come to your rescue. You basically have to find keywords with low competition but high search volume.

Enter your keyword in the given search bar. Select the country or location where you intend to discover the search volume for your keywords. Next, select “Start Search” and you will see your seed keyword has drawn long-tail keywords and other similar keywords.

When deciding on a keyword, make sure you learn about its search volume because the better the volume then the easier it will be for you to be discovered on search engines.

Also, you need to understand the relevance of the keyword to the pages of your website. If you want your pages to get a good ranking there has to be a great connection between the topic of your site and the keywords you choose.

Keyword research at SE Ranking

Keyword Research Dashboard (click to enlarge)

An SEO Audit (on-page) Must Be The Next On Your List

If you want to have an idea of how your site is performing as far as SEO is concerned, an on-page audit is required. You need to select Tools followed by On-page SEO audit and then choose “New page audit”. Enter the URL of your website and also that keyword you wish to audit for.

In the results that you get, you will learn about the SEO audit’s overall score. With the help of the SEO analysis tool, you will get warnings and learn about the SEO errors that you need to rectify to enjoy a better score.

Page SEO Audit

Powerful Page SEO Audits (click to enlarge)

Create SEO Reports For Your Clients

In case you have clients then creating a report for them with the help of the software is easy. Select “Reports” from the menu section and then click on the “Generate reports” button. Send reports to your clients and keep them updated with the SEO progress of their website.

SEO Reporting Tools

Why Should You Select SE Ranking?

As you must hopefully understand by now, SE Ranking offers one of the most all-comprehensive toolsets you can ever find for SEO. With SEO Ranking you will no longer have to depend on frustratingly, different and separate tools in order to get the job done. This one feature alone is enough to meet all your needs and will even go beyond your expectations.

Apart from all the great features that they offer they also offer a number of great flexible plans which will suit every user, be it SEO newcomers or big agencies and beyond.

Plans And Pricing

SE Ranking offers 3 plans with flexible pricing.

First is the Optimum Plan (for 10 websites) for $39 a month which allows you to enjoy 250 keywords, monitoring for 500 backlinks, website audit for 25000 pages, backlink checker, keyword grouper, flexible report generator, marketing plan, on-page checker for 5 pages, social media management, PPC/SEO competitor, sub-account and more.

Plus (for unlimited websites) is their most popular plan which charges you $89 a month for 1,000 keywords, monitoring for 25000 backlinks, website audit for 150000 pages, PPC/SEO competitor research, backlink checker, keyword grouper, on-page checker for 15 pages, flexible report generator, marketing plan, sub-accounts, social media management, White Label, and page changes monitoring (100) and more.

Last but not least is the Enterprise Plan (for unlimited websites) and it is priced at $189 a month. It offers you 2,500 keywords, monitoring for 75000 backlinks, website audit for 250000 pages, keyword grouper, backlink checker, marketing plan, an on-page checker for 25 pages, PPC/SEO competitor research, API, White Label, sub-accounts, social media management, flexible report generator and more.

Pricing At SE Ranking

You Can Also Tailor Make Your Own Pricing Plan (click to enlarge)

SE Ranking Review: Conclusion

SE Ranking, with its intuitive and simple to use system, really is a great option, particularly for beginners. Yes, it does offer a great number of features which will prove to be immensely helpful for you but what is even more attractive about it is its pricing plans. Where other tools cost you a fortune, SE Ranking helps you get the job done (in an even better way) at a far lower price than many and thus it becomes affordable for one and all.

This has just been a brief, and honest, review of SE Ranking and it has so much more to offer that I couldn't cover in this review. Anyway, the best way to fully review it is for you to sign up yourself to the SE Ranking Free Trial and really put it through its paces yourself ... I guarantee you will be impressed!

So, if you are in search of the best quality SEO platform at the most affordable price, with no compromises at all, then your search ends with and your journey to success starts with SE Ranking.

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