Retargeting vs Remarketing: The Number One Way To Start Implementing Retargeting In Your Business Today

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Retargeting Vs Remarketing

What Is Retargeting? And Why Retargeting vs Remarketing?

Retargeting is the method of advertising to your customers based on their previous actions or behaviors. Ever noticed how the ads you are interested in 'magically appear' on the different sites you visit around the web? This is mainly achieved by placing pixels on your web sites.  These pixels 'cookie' your visitor’s browser and thus allows you to follow them with your ads all over the web! See the power?

4 Important Retargeting Stats.

 Website visitors who were retargeted via display ads were 70% more likely to convert on-site.

 The click-through rate (CTR) on display ads is a whopping ten times higher with retargeting.

 Make “cart abandoners” one hundred and fifty percent more likely to return to checkout.

 This explains why around half of all major brands online have set aside a specific budget solely for retargeting.

Retargeting vs Remarketing: The 6 Main Types Of Retargeting Used Today

Site Retargeting: Retargeting anyone that visits your website.

Dynamic Retargeting: Retargeting based on which products or pages a person has viewed.

Social Retargeting: Retargeting within social networks, such as Twitter retargeting, especially with native ads.

Search Retargeting: Retargeting based on previously-used keywords.

SEO Retargeting: Retargeting based on the keywords used right before visiting your website.

Email Retargeting: Retargeting based on the opens, clicks or other interaction with your emails.

video #1

Video #1 covers the the what, how and why of retargeting strategy. If you ever though of starting your own retargeting agency - this is the place to start!

video #2

Video #2 is about the different types of retargeting. Retargeting Facebook, for example, is a form of social retargeting.

video #3

Video #3 is where we are going to go on a little about advanced retargeting. After this lesson you will be so knowlegable, you will be able to compete with some of the online retargeting companies!

video #4

Video #4 is where we’ll develop your battle plan and look at some popular retargeting tools and retargeting software.

Retargeting vs Remarketing

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