Repurposing Your Old Blog Content For More Traffic.

Repurpose Your Blog Content

“Not only does repurposing give your old content new life and introduce it to a new audience, it can also help you boost your SEO standing and grow your reach even further.”

How Do You Deal With The Negative Connotations Of Repurposing Your Old Blog Content?

How Can You Prepare Your Website to Repurpose Itself?

How Does Repurposing Your Old Blog Content Help Your Website to be More Visible?

So, if you're like me you may have just started doing some repurposing and/or are about to get into it, or maybe you're considering doing some you may want to read on ...

"I'm a big fan of repurposing and I find it incredibly useful if you know what to do and how to avoid those common pitfalls. However, there are some things to watch out for."

I'm not going to cover all of the pitfalls in this post because I'm sure you're well aware of them and should know how to avoid them. However, I'd encourage you all to read through the following article for some tips on how to avoid some of these common pitfalls.

So How Does Repurposing Your Old Blog Content Bring New Life and New Traffic To Your Website? Take A Look ...

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So How Does Repurposing Your Old Blog Content Bring New Life and New Traffic To Your Website? Take A Look … you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably generated a lot of content over the years. From blog posts to social media updates to podcasts and webinars, many businesses have shared tons of valuable information with their audience. But sometimes that older content starts to collect dust. Full Article …

Repurposing Old Blog Content

You place your period on the end of another post, hit publish, and then it seems to get lost in an archive together with dozens of other posts, and only reaps the benefit of some views, traction and short excitement until it is abandoned and forgotten about.

Kind of sad, but it's true, right?

The Biggest Mistake

One of the biggest mistake people make when web blogging is restricting the life span of their content. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, and you need to get more than just a short term spike in website views from your hard work.

"Repurposing your content is the key to preventing your articles from becoming yesterdays news." 

Repurposing your posts can breathe new life into blogs which are chock-full of content but get lost with time. This is IMPORTANT  as it is VITAL to generate ideas to help keep your readers fascinated. The way to repurpose your content that is old There are ways to repurpose your content that has become old, but it does require you to wear your creative hat!

The key will be to present the information in a brand new way which is visually attractive and engages your readers. Your aim is to help them understand what you're telling them by introducing the information in a different way. Your goal must be to set a brandnew, fresh significance for your content and drive traffic.

Here are my prefered ways to put a brand new spin on old articles:

Infographics - These visuals are a strong way to take a large amount of information and organize it in a visually appealing way that can help enhance the readers understanding.

Here is one of my own infographics! - What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work

repurposing your old blog content

Using sites like Piktochart, Canva, Infogram and my preferred site Venngage, you may create custom and highly professional looking infographics at an inexpensive price and some for free.

"Choose between existing templates or start from scratch to make a design that's completely yours."

Once produced you can share your amazing infographic. Infographics have a tendency to get the most traction when shared on Pinterest. Even though, they still get lots of discussion on Facebook, and even LinkedIn, so be sure to share them there as well. You may also add your infographic on your blog page.

Picture Quotations - Similar to pulled quotations from a magazine article, you can browse your previous articles and highlight quotations that make a bold statement. Then, using design programs like Canva, PicMonkey, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you may create a custom picture to show that particular quote.

Again, picture quotations are a fantastic piece of content to ad to your repurposed blog article because they can be shared at a plethora of platforms. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all places wherein picture quotes are best shared.

So there you have it. Time for you to take action and look at some of your older posts because repurposing your content is the key to preventing your articles from becoming yesterdays news and will bring new life and new traffic to your blog.