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Solo Build It Review: Summary

  • Platform: Solo Build It (used to be Site Build It)
  • Website:
  • Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required.
  • Earning Potential: N/A
  • Owners: Ken Evoy
  • Price: $29.99pm or $299pa
  • My Score: 9/10 – Highly Recommended


All of us want to make money online, and though this seems super easy, it is not as simple as it sounds. There are so many websites that guarantee to help you understand how you can earn money online through your own website, but most of them are extremely difficult to follow or do not have enough helpful matter, and you thus have no option but to give up. But does that mean you have no hope all? Of course, you do, and it comes in the form of Solo Build It.

Let us now go through the Solo Build It review to understand about it in full detail.

The Solo Build It Review: What is Solo Build It?

Read Our Solo Build It Review 2019 And Find Out Why It's So Good

Solo Build It, which was earlier known as Site Build It, is basically a system that has been created to help entrepreneurs enjoy great success in the online business world. It is not just any website builder but in fact is an all-encompassing web business building system that is equipped with every tool you can ever require.

If you are wondering why the name change from Site Build It to Solo Build It (SBI) then it was basically to stress on how this system will help a single person (hence solo) to succeed in the ever-challenging online business world.

The Solo Build It Review: Who is Solo Build It Ideal For?

Solo Build it has been created for every online entrepreneur. Beginners particularly can benefit a lot from it as it offers lessons concerning online business which are taught in a step by step method, and you will get to learn everything from creating a website to how you can use it to generate money. These lessons are sure to work if you are patient and devote enough time.

The Solo Build It Review: Solo Build It For Wordpess Too!

Even current online marketers who are waiting for their online business to flourish or want to take their business to ‘the next level, will benefit from Solo Build It. To succeed as an online entrepreneur it is not enough for a marketer to just have good knowledge. It is also important to use the right techniques, tools, and information and this is something SBI will help you with.

The Solo Build It Review: What Makes Solo Build It Work?

SBI will not only help their members build their own websites but will also help the solo-entrepreneur learn how to create a successful online venture. This is done by guiding the members through a unique system, CTPM, in a step by step manner.

What exactly is CTPM? Well, it is an acronym that means –

C – Content

T – Traffic

P – Presell

M – Monetizing

Now let’s see how this works.

Content – This comes as social media “tweets” and “shares”, newsletters, articles, podcasts, likes, and videos. It is content that drives traffic and keeps this audience connected to a website. This is also why content is so very often called the “king”. However, the behavior of customers is volatile and all thanks to the internet they have now become even smarte!. Now customers will not only wish to know about the products they want to purchase in detail but also will also compare them to various other brands. This is where content has a very important role to play. SBI helps make sure its members attain or enhance some basic skills like keyword research so that they can create quality-rich and relevant content that is in-demand and meets the preferences and changing needs of the targeted audiences.

Traffic – Traffic has a very important role to play, the better the traffic the higher the number of potential customers you are likely to enjoy. This is your audience that comes, goes, and comes back yet again and gets converted if you are successful in engaging them well enough. SBI helps their members learn how to attract customers from their target market. They get to know how to achieve this with the help of social media, content, and SEO.

Presell – This involves building confidence and trust in the audience, which is very, very important in the online business world where the buyers and sellers do not meet each other face-to-face. SBI guides its members on how they can use powerful and original content to create their influence in the niche, and thus also establishing trust.

Monetizing – this is obviously the goal of every marketer and SBI will help you with this as well. This shows if the content of the member has been good enough to attract traffic and then convert them. If the marketer has managed to do this successfully then the site will be making money. SBI helps make sure that together with creating a fully functional website the members also are aware of strategies that can help them earn profits.

The Solo Build It Review: Product Description

The AG (Action Guide) is the soul of SBI. It is a business-building, comprehensive procedure that offers all important training lessons that help you create a website and then make money from it. The lessons are available in video and written formats and you can even access them using your mobile phones.

This Action Guide actually divides what otherwise could be a difficult business-building procedure into an easy-to-understand 10-day course. Each day you will learn a new skill and by the tenth day, you will have learned everything right from the important fundamentals to how you can monetize your site.

Also, Action Guide introduces the members to its strong and useful tools like –

• SiteSell Supply – this helps you evaluate your competition.

• Brainstorm It – this is an extremely helpful keyword research tool that guides you into choosing profitable niches and keyword research.

• Site Builder – This is the foremost tool of SBI which helps the members build their website.

• Site Info – This tool will help you learn about and review any keyword.

• Mobile It – This helps you optimize your site for mobile devices.

• Face It – Using this tool, members will be able to integrate Facebook into their websites.

• Content 2.0 – With this tool, the members will be able to invite their audiences and allow them to submit content.

Solo Build It Review: Conclusion

So, Is Solo Build It Worth It?

Solo Build It has been designed to help the members enjoy passive income after creating a fully functional site. This is not any short process, and building a website and enjoying passive income anyway involves both time and effort. This is not any miracle or magic-creating-website that will help you enjoy great income overnight but it definitely lays a solid foundation for good online marketing practices. The success and earnings of the members depends largely on how dedicated they are and how much efforts and time they are willing to invest to make the most of the tools and training they have received.

Solo Build It really is good and you should seriously consider it if you are looking to make money online. It comes highly recommended by ourselves and in fact, it is in our Top 5 Reviews.

So, use Solo Build It, put in all your efforts, invest all the time you have, be patient, and then be ready to taste success. Ultimately – IT WORKS!

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Caelan Cheesman

I live in the UK in a small village called Minster in the South East of the country, not too far from Dover and Canterbury and only around 80 miles from London. I have been making money online now for a number of years and have built this site specifically to help others to also achieve success online!

  • victor lavaza says:

    With all online money making programmes, it goes without saying that anyone involved must keep learning to advance his/her skills and knowledge to remain relevant in the very dynamic online world. I love that ‘Solo Build It’ provides a learning platform in CTPM stepwise guidance, coupled with the Action Guide (AG) that make it worth the salt.

    I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to make consistent income online.

    • Hi Victor,

      Thanks for the comments. Solo Build It is one of the best legit platforms out there. It is always up to date. The other two that we highly recommend are Affilorama and our number one choice – Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Check each of these out too and let me know your thoughts.

  • AV 2001 says:

    Hey Caelan! How are you doing? This post is amazing and I love it because it contains all the useful information. I’m taking a look at other blogs on your website. I enjoyed reading it and I strongly recommend people to take a look at this post carefully as it’s really helpful.

    Thanks for taking your precious time in writing posts like this Caelan. Cheers!!!

  • Richard says:

    Hello Caelan,

    These products are becoming more popular as people are searching for something to break free from the money for time trade-off that we all face at the beginning of our careers. 

    I too searched the internet for opportunities or ideas on how to start a business but these were very difficult to come by as there a number of websites the promise huge returns for little to no effort. In my experience, you can only become a successful online business owner by putting in the effort and keeping your expectations in line with reasonable growth. The internet is not a magic tool that will make one rick overnight.

    THanks for a great product review to assist all those in the market searching for their freedom.


    • Hi Richard. I agree, there is no quick rich scheme out there that works.

      I always say that you need to put in time and effort in order to make money online. It’s not rocket science either though … given a little help, guidance and a few great tools ANYONE can make money online.

      Solo Build It is one way of doing this, another is Wealthy Afilliate which at the moment is our number one recommendation (and has been for a while now).

      But horses for courses as they say … Solo Build It is great as well, and may in fact suit others better.

      Thanks again Richard.

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