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Turn PLR eBooks And Videos Into Physical Books, CDs And DVDs (To Sell More …)

If you're looking for a simple way to add more profit in your business without having to develop new products, create new upsells or aqcuire new customers then you may want to consider offering your products in both digital and physical format by turning your PLR Ebooks and videos into physical CD's, DVD's and books.

What Are The Advantages Of Turning Your PLR Ebooks, Videos, etc., Into Physical Products You Ask?

* Your customers will receive a physical version of your product and remember you
* You'll stand out from competitors who only sell digital products
* You'll have an instant upsell in your sales funnel

* You'll be able to add order-bumps in your checkout process
* You'll be able to get the physical address of your customers (for more marketing purposes)
* Your sales funnel will become more profitable

* Affiliates and JV partners will want to promote you
* You'll gain more authority in the marketplace
* You'll add another revenue stream if you only want to sell physical products

* You'll impress your customers, they'll remember the experience and buy more from you
* Customers will take the information from a book or CD/DVD course more seriously
* You'll be able to cross-promote your more expensive products within the book/CD/DVD

* Customers will trust you and you'll increase your back-end sales
* The whole process can be automated with print-on-demand services
* There's no need to stock any physical products ever
* You'll be able to bring new life back into your existing digital products

Turning your digital products and PLR ebooks and other content into physical products could be one of the smartest and most profitable moves you can make.

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