List Building With Giveaways

List Building With Giveaways

List Building With Giveaways

Joint Venture giveaways, better known as JV giveaways, are events where internet marketers band together and give away products and services for free.

Joint venture giveaways are a fast and easy way to build an opt-in email list for beginner internet marketers.

The real power of JV giveaways lies in participating as a contributor or JV partner. The more you participate the better your product is usually positioned in the give-away.

You will find that many give-away owners will remove your products if you fail to participate in doing your part in promoting the give-away.

You can build a huge list in a very short amount of time by leveraging the promotional efforts of all the participants. As each sends out to their list your list will grow as their list members begin to opt-in to get your high value product you have included in the give-away.

What You Need:

* A quality hosting account

* A professional autoresponder to manage your list (like Aweber)

* A gift of awesome value to give away – eBook, software, a video, a collection of web page graphics or templates, a free report, memberships to various websites, series of live webinars or teleseminars. Use PLR if you do not have one of your own.

* An image of your gift – The image must normally be uploaded to your website, but this may vary from one script to another. Go to the image submission area and check to confirm their requirements.

* A compelling title and description for your product – When writing your description and title you are usually limited somewhat on how much information you can include. You want to make every word in your title and description count. Include all of the relevant information about your gift. Just make sure you give your readers a reason to want to download your gift.

* A squeeze page – This is a page on your website with your reason why and benefits of needing your gift – and your autoresponder Web form (subscriber box). This is where you will be sending your prospects to sign up for your product or service.

* A download page – These are the pages thanking them for the action they took and the page they will be sent to that will have the product they just opted in for. These pages are also a great place to add any backend marketing strategies you have in place such as one time offers, and unadvertised bonus offers.

* OTO page – This is a form of backend marketing that we talked about back in the backend marketing strategy chapter. You can substitute this page in the place of your thank you page offering the now subscriber a chance to purchase from you. Make sure that your one time offer makes sense to the free offer they just took you up on.

* Follow-up email series – Miss this and you have left a lot of money on the table. Again this is a form of backend marketing. Your follow up email series allows you further pre-selling potential. It allows you to go into more detail about the offer you want your new subscriber to purchase.

Whilst it may sound like a bit of work upfront, once you have all the elements in place you can participate in any give-away event as well as ad-swaps and solo ads. And once you’ve built a list you can send out new offers and promotions on a regular basis. So it’s a worthwhile investment.

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