How To Build Your Email List In No Time

How To Build Your Email List In No Time

How To Build Your Email List In No Time

Ad Swaps are a powerful and cost-effective way to build your list fast without having to shell out a fortune on paid advertising.

To get started you will need to build your list first and be able to deliver at a specific number of clicks with every message you send out.

Find a like-minded partner with a list size that is broadly similar to yours, and then you mail for the other person and they mail for you.

Here's a more detailed look at the process...

* Your ad swap partner will send a message to their list letting their subscribers know what giveaways you have on your squeeze page and you do the same for their squeeze page with your list.

* You provide each other the mails to send, with your link in there, already to go.

* As you build a bigger list, you will be able to ad swap with other people who have bigger lists.

* Always have a backend strategy in place like a product to sell with a few upsells or high-ticket affiliate offer or a recurring
membership offer.

Critical Elements of an Ad Swap

* Equal traffic and exposure: Both parties ought to have an email list with a decent amount of subscribers. In other words both parties have an equivalent audience reach/traffic count.

* Fair Placement and exposure exchange ads that are displayed in a similar fashion. If your ads are to be placed on a blog then both should be displayed in the same proximity. If your ads are to be placed in a follow up series they should be positioned in the same place in the follow up series. This makes sure everyone is getting the same exposure.

* High relevancy ad/message MUST be relevant to the page or site where it is placed and vice versa for your ad partner. I think this pretty much speaks for itself. Make sure that you both have a targeted market for the others ad.

* Remember to always follow through on what you say. Do your part. Nothing will harm you more than not following through with what you are saying you are going to do. Think how you would feel if you send out an ad to your list and the other party fails to return the favor.

Some of the best places to find ad swap partners in the internet marketing niche are the Warrior Forums and Safe Swaps.

Build your list first and ensure you can delivery at least 50-100 clicks. Then find a marketing partner who can also deliver a similar number of clicks and you're ready to do your first ad swap.

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