Build Your Squeeze Page With A Clear And Simple Design

Build Your Squeeze Page With A Clear And Simple Design

Build Your Squeeze Page With A Clear And Simple Design

Each element of a squeeze page has its place, but the key is to create a professional and visually appealing page without distractions. Any distractions at all and the person is going to leave.

I like to say, “Just because you can does not mean that you should!” Just because you may be the world’s greatest graphic artist does not mean you should litter your website with graphics.

You want people to sign up, not to be in awe of your graphics.

Create a simple, mostly white page with a headline, a few bullet points and opt-in form, with a clear and concise call to action.

No banners, no AdSense, no outside links, no pop ups.

All of these things are just begging your visitor to click on and take them to a place you are not intending them to go to at this point.

If the intention is not to get them to sign up then why did you bring them to this page in the first place? If you give the visitor too many choices they will just leave in confusion.

The only outbound links you should include are your privacy policy and contact information. It helps build trust and people expect to see it.

I recommend that you make sure that these links open up into a new window that allows them to close it out and still remain on the squeeze page. It is just there to add the added trust factor.

Here are three key things you will want to include in your website privacy policy to reduce your risk of getting sued or targeted with some kind of a government investigation.

1. First you should always identify how you will protect the privacy of your website visitors and customers. This will help with peace of mind.

2. Identify the types of information you collect from your website visitors and customers.

3. Not only do you need to let them know what information you collect, you also need to explain what you do with the information you collect from your website visitors and customers.

Of course each website will be different and depending upon the type of website you run, where you are based, and where your website visitors and customers are located, there are additional issues you will want to address. But each of the three items above is an important part of any websites privacy policy.

Now, in no means is this legal advice as I am not a lawyer and I do recommend that you check out all of the rules for your particular website and locations.

When it comes to keeping your squeeze page clean and simple I am not telling you to not use graphics on your squeeze page. What I am telling you is that always only use what is needed and always test.

Learn to accept and just work towards higher conversions.

Always take a “no fluff” rule when writing your squeeze pages.

Highlight the best benefits to make it clear what's in it for them. You want them to make a quick decision to sign up, and the text on the page needs to reflect that.

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