Product Creation vs Affiliate Marketing - Do Both Hand-In-Hand

Product Creation vs Affiliate Marketing

Product Creation vs Affiliate Marketing - Do Both Hand-In-Hand

By now you may really be starting to doubt and wonder if product creation is really something you can do.

You are about to go looking for an easier solution to making money from your home business.

One of the methods you are considering is probably Affiliate Marketing. After all if you choose Affiliate Marketing at least you don’t have to create the products yourself.

Good thinking to a point. I still am going to recommend that you go through the process of creating your own product if you are really looking to make some good money and grow your business to its fullest potential, BUT - you really should be doing affiliate marketing hand-in-hand with creating your own products.

Just take a look at my website. I promote a few affiliate products AND I also have my own products.

Here is the reason behind what I am saying. It is a very simple reason.

It’s a food chain!

You have a choice in life: You can be at the bottom of the food chain helping make the fat cats at the top rich. This is a preferred method recommended by your competition. They would rather you keep building up their credibility and helping them to brand their business over you becoming a strong competitor in their game they are at the top of and winning.

You do have another choice though. You have the choice to make the decision to be on top of the food chain where others sell your products and help make you rich or at least better off than you are now.

I have been asking you to stop and think about several questions so far throughout these lessons but let me throw another one at you. Do you want to be the worker bee in a colony the rest of your life working like crazy trying to sell everyone else’s products? Or do you want to have a whole lot of people selling your products for you instead.

You can work hard making other people money. Or you can have other people working hard to make you money.


Which do you want?

I like to throw some little secrets out to you once in a while and here is another one for you to digest. The only secret of success in this simple business of ours is this…

Find out what people want to buy, create it and then sell it to them!

Please understand that there's nothing wrong with selling other people's products while you're developing your own. There are a number of people who make good money selling products as Affiliates. This is exactly what I do and is exactly what I recommend you doing too.

But the best way to use Affiliate products is to have your own lead product and use Affiliate products (other people's products) to position properly in your marketing funnel, or on your ladder to make repeat sales to existing customers.

Having your own products help you build the credibility you need so desperately to really make it in this business and it also positions you as the credible expert in your targeted Niche.

Do not miss out on the importance and the need of having your own product.

To recap this lesson I am saying:

1.Start of with affiliate marketing and build this up until you are making money with it.

2. Develop your own product to sell.

3. Continue BOTH affiliate marketing AND selling your own products at the same time.

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