What Price To Sell At Using Competitive Pricing Strategy

Competitive Pricing Strategy

What Price To Sell At Using Competitive Pricing Strategy

Pricing your irresistible product or service is a very important decision that you will need to make. Some things to
consider are:

You must offer your products for a price your target market is willing to pay.

Price you set should produce a profit for your company or you won't be in business for long.

If all your competitors are charging $37 for a 100 page eBook, that's what you should probably be charging as well in most cases. At least in the same neighborhood of what your competitors are charging. Once again you will need to research the competition to see what is actually going on.

Competitive pricing is used most often within markets with products that are more difficult to differentiate from another. If you can show that your product is of considerable more value than the competitions products than by all means it is time to sell it for what it is worth.

Most of the time when you enter into any market you will find that the current market leaders are often the ones that are setting the price that other marketers within that same market will usually be compelled to follow.

If you don’t choose to follow them you may find yourself being left out without many good results to show for your efforts. Of course this is where your differentiation comes into play once again.

If you have the better product and can prove it then you set the new standard of pricing. Just do yourself a big favor and be able to defend the prices you've set.

You will have to be able to make a case for setting a higher price than your competitors. Example: providing and proving you have a superior customer service or stronger guarantee than your competition.

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