14 Product Formats Guaranteed To Sell

Formats Guaranteed To Sell

14 Product Formats Guaranteed To Sell

Decide on where your strengths lie to create the best product you can create. If you’re not a techy type person you are probably not going to lean towards software products or building websites for others. Look at the strengths you know you have and begin there. If it is teaching look into training webinars and recording them as an example.


Combine competitor’s products together to come up with new ideas. Maybe some of the products you see are offering eBooks. The next set of products you see are doing just video training, and yet others are doing coaching. Can you do a package that contains the video training to go along with your eBook to ensure the customer is able to understand what they are reading? Maybe you follow up with a limited coaching program or live webinars, or question and answer calls to add extra value.


Search websites like Clickbank to find out what types of similar products are out there and look for holes to fill.


Determine what price point you need to enter the market at to compete. Beware of pricing too low (think Rolex VS Timex)


Look for Private Label Right’s products you can tear apart and use to include in your own package. Don’t you like how I keep bringing up PLR products? I am just trying to make a point and give you an easier way to go about creating your irresistible offer.


Creating products can be easy. There are many different types of products to create. Here are 14 of them:


* E-Books
* Audio files
* Transcripts of audios
* Flow charts
* How To Videos
* Resource lists
* Stand-alone software
* Web and content-based memberships
* Software (like WordPress plugins)
* Graphics packages
* Coaching & mentoring
* Offline events
* Physical products: Books, CDs, DVDs, etc.
* Live Webinars and Teleseminars


Webinars and teleseminars are two powerful ways to keep in touch with customers, create valuable relationships and deliver top quality content.


Not only are these last two methods both a fantastic way to deliver content and build relationships, but also webinars and teleseminars are both fast and easy ways to create a product and you get instant feedback and questions from your prospects.

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