Social Proofing Strategies

Social Proofing Strategies

Social Proofing Strategies

You will find that using testimonials from ordinary everyday satisfied customers can be a powerful selling tool, and increase believability.

They are good in producing your believability because they have a tendency to prove to your potential customer
that you already delivered what you promised to other customers.

The most effective testimonials describe a specific result your customer enjoyed by using your product or service. Don’t use results that can’t be proven.

If the person was paid for their testimonial or endorsement, U.S. law states that you need to make this clear up front on your web page.

The last thing I will cover on believability is that you need to come across as believing in your own product yourself. If you do not believe in it yourself, how can you honestly expect anyone else to, and why are you trying to sell it in the first place.

Many people do not create that first product because they are unsure of it themselves. Why would anyone want to by this from me in the first place?

The reason why is because it is the solution to the problem your potential customer has been looking for, and it is your responsibility to deliver this solution and give them the help they need in solving their problem so they can have a better life.

Think Long Term

When creating your first product you need to start thinking long term. Don’t come out being just a one shot wonder and then disappear. Begin to think about what is going to come next and what follows this first product.

Now you understand why we talked about backend marketing strategies already.

This is a Big Deal

Will you be satisfied to make just one sale or would you rather have a customer for life? Wouldn’t it be better to have a customer who buys from you time and time again?

Remember, it is harder and costs more to obtain a customer than it is to sell to them the second time.

Be Generous

If that means making LESS profit up front, go for it. Always be thinking of ways you can over-deliver value to your customers.

Ask yourself, what do my prospects truly want that I can give them at low or no cost that will skyrocket the VALUE of my product? And then give it away.

Way too many marketers and business folk out there are stingy in what they give out.

Put Yourself Out There

You need to put yourself at the mercy of your customers. Once you’ve got your prospect hooked on what you’ve got to sell, reel them in again and again.

If you are scared about just going for it and putting yourself out there, then maybe it is time to do some re-thinking on the whole idea of being a business owner.

You have to be seen as the credible expert in your targeted Niche. It is time to really jump into the spotlight. It is time to open up and let them see the authentic you.

Make sure that authentic you is a person they should be seeing!

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