Stacking The Irresistible Offer

Stacking The Irresistible Offer

Stacking The Irresistible Offer

When creating an irresistible offer you should be looking at what's in it for the customer.

I know you would rather look at it as what’s in it for you right? Well if you go that route you will end up looking at the backend of failure. It is not a pretty sight and most have seen it way too many times already.

You have to think of the customer first.

Your potential customer is going to begin processing the offer in front of them in their mind and looking for certain things that will help them decide on whether or not they are going to make a decision that is
right for them.

At the moment of making a purchase they are not even thinking or caring about how much money you’re going to make. They don’t even care about you yet!

They just want to know the risks involved to them and the benefits they will receive, or the return on their investment.

So when creating your irresistible product offer, these are some things that the customer is going to take into consideration.

You must do your job to implement these things into your offer to make it an offer the potential customer just can’t say no to.

1. Relevance.

Why does it matter? There must be a problem. If there was no problem that you are solving with your offer, then
what is the relevance of your offer?

2. Credibility.

You must convince the customer that you can solve it. This is why product creation is so important. It gives you credibility. You need to be seen as the credible expert that has the solution to the problem the potential customer is facing. They have to also believe that you are “the one” that is going to solve it over and above the many others saying they can do the same.

3. Value.

You can solve it better than anyone else and the customer will get a high RETURN ON INVESTMENT (what they will get in return for taking your offer). You really need to start thinking about the words “OVER DELIVERING” right here. What I mean by this is that when the customer comes to your website offer, they need to see in their mind that there is no way they can lose by spending the money you are asking them to spend.

They can honestly see that the value they will be getting for the value they are spending is going to be higher. I am not talking trading dollar for dollar. I am saying if they spend $1 they need to feel like they are getting $10 worth of value back.

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