How To Develop Focused Sub Niche Ideas

Sub Niche Ideas

How To Develop Focused Sub Niche Ideas

Competition in your niche is good. It means there are plenty of buyers and sellers who are making money.

It also means there's potential to go deeper into your niche and find profitable sub niche ideas with less competition.

Example: “Guitar” gives about 670,000,000 results.

Guitar may have a very large amount of competition and possibly have a very saturated market.

Also those searching for the keyword guitar are probably really not sure what it is that they are really looking for at this point.

They are just beginning their search.

Their child may have approached them and said something like, “can I get a guitar?” So now Mom and Dad begin to search for something they may know nothing about.

“Electric Guitar” gives about 76,200,000 results.

“Acoustic Guitar” gives about 70,500,000 results.

“Beginner Acoustic Guitar” gives about 883,000 results.

“Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons” gives about 1,420,000 results.

“Learn how to play acoustic guitar by ear” gives about 1,300,000 results.

As you can see, by breaking the broad term keyword “Guitar” down into sub niche ideas, you can find a more targeted niche to work with.

After searching for the word guitar with no real results that solved the problem of buying the child a guitar, the same Mom and Dad ask their child questions like, “which kind of guitar are you wanting to play? We are finding Electric and acoustic guitars which one sounds like more fun to you?”

Also knowing their son or daughter will need lessons they begin the search for lessons to go along with the new guitar.

As they search their keywords they are using will turn into keyword phrases that will be more focused upon what they are searching for.

Soon they are typing in exactly what it is that they are searching for and you want to be right there to meet them at the search bar.

The Advantages of Narrowing Your Focus to a Small, sub niche idea are:

* There's MUCH less competition

* You can often find great deals on advertising on other sites that target your small market

* You can easily gain the loyalty of your customers – which offers you lots of opportunities to expand your offer with related products and follow-up offers!

* Small markets are much easier to dominate – so you can become the source for your product or service online

* Since niche markets are often close groups, your reputation can spread by word of mouth – offering you an ever-growing base of potential customers

Test out this method today. Google a main keyword or keyphrase, find out how many results there are, then slowly start narrowing down your search so they're more specific with less results.

You'll be surprised at the potential sub niche ideas you have in front of you.

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