Stand Out With Your USP: Unique Selling Point/Proposition

Stand Out With Your USP

Stand Out With Your USP: Unique Selling Point/Proposition

One of the biggest and most harmful mistakes most people getting started online make is not showing their target market what makes them unique and not positioning themselves as the best choice in the market over all the rest of the competition.

You will find that there are many markets that are very competitive and it is very important that you come through shining with what makes you different from everyone else.

If you are going to be like the majority of people trying to get started online, and failing miserably by using the "same as everyone else" type of marketing you will find you will quickly be joining the majority that try and fail.

Your online and even offline business absolutely positively has to have a USP that you can show your potential customers by helping them cut through all of the clutter going on right now.

This separates you from the competition, and positions you as the best choice... the ONLY choice, and this is what you must be seen as if you are to succeed and have a long lasting online business.

As you can imagine already, building your USP takes some effort, but it is a must and you will find that it was absolutely worth all of your efforts to create it because of the added advantage you'll have over your competition.

Coming up with a strong and powerful USP will make your job of marketing and selling much easier, and will enable you to easily increase your online presence and sales.

One of the best examples of a great USP is the USP of Federal Express. Federal Express is able to dominate in the package delivering business because of their USP. "Federal Express: When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight."

They identified a problem and a pain and came up with a solution that was unique over the rest of the competition in their market. They knew that there were people who needed to get things shipped out and delivered overnight, and that there were not any competitive companies with the promise or guarantee of overnight delivery.

Solution: Give the guarantee which also removed the risk of using their company.

What can you offer that you see the competition lacking in. Maybe it is something as simple as offering top of the line customer support, offering video tutorials in a niche that only delivers information through eBooks, using webinar services to deliver your content, one on one coaching.

Research your competition and see what kind of holes are being unfilled and you, fill them up!

Here are some important questions to think about...

1. Will my perspective customers perceive my USP as an advantage to going and buying from the competition?

2. Is my USP I am using significantly different from what my competitors are offering?

3. Do I feel my prospective customers will actually believe in this USP? Put yourself in their place!

4. How will my customers benefit from this USP? You must find an important benefit unique to your product or service. You must identify the main advantage your product offers over the competition.

5. Will this USP motivate customers sufficiently to actually make a purchase? Will they see that you have done your job in adapting to their needs, is your offer innovative, does it add more value to their life, does it deliver beyond the customer’s expectations and will the customer see a significant return on their investment?

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