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Wow! Online Freebies: 81% Are Persuaded By This

Harness The Power Of The Online Freebie!

Eveyone Loves Online Freebies ... Don't They?

Did you know that whether or not they take place online or offline, events can help you to increase your brand awareness and generate more sales and customers for your business?

However, that’s only possible if you get enough people to be a part of your event in the first place, but how do you do it? 

Well, if you’re hosting either a webinar, an online launch event for your new products or services, or even an offline conference for example, you will obviously want as many people as possible to participate.

But do you REALLY know how to motivate more people to attend? Well, according to a study cited by Gemba Marketing, these are the TOP 5 most powerful incentives to use:

online freebies

1. Online freebies: Free samples or other giveaways: 81% are motivated by this;
2. Where a discount or special offer is provided: 54%
3. Learning more about the product or service being promoted: 49%
4. Liking the brand or company putting on the event: 46%
5. The event looks really interesting: 46%

It may clearly be seen that the main takeaway here is that participation is massively mostly rooted in the acquisition of free stuff in the form of free samples, free trials, buy one/get one free, free eBooks, free access, free upgrades, etc.

These online freebies are all powerful incentives that will motivate more people to “line up” to attend your event.

Source: Gemba Marketing and Squirrly

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