On Wealthy Affiliate This Week: Monday 5th Nov ’18

On Wealthy Affiliate

Our Top 5 Picks On Wealthy Affiliate This Week


Wealthy Affiliate is our #1 recommended program and as such we provide a small insight into a few of the things that have happened this past week within the members area amongst the many thousand topics! Take a look at a few things on Wealthy Affiliate this week.

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Posts On Wealthy Affiliate

#1 – Can You? Take a look at this great little post which looks into niche finding and business plan. Even the most mundane of sounding topics/niches can be turned into a profitable business given the right business plan and research.

Milk Niche

Here Saintuc takes the example of milk for the poor in his home country of Nigeria … Take a look!

#2 – Just Blog, Don’t Be Afraid! Do you know the difference between a blog and an article? Is there a difference?

Don’t be afraid of writing a blog/article just get started and do it!

As Sunrise2Love says in Wealthy Affiliate – “If you just started and been afraid that you can not write a B L O G, don’t be, is like ride a bicycle; the first time is hard, you fall, you cry, but from the blue you start move slowly, but forward and in no time you will start smile, lift your arms, screaming “I DID IT”.

On Wealthy Affiliate: Just BLOG

#3 – Stay Focused, Motivation Doesn’t Last. Sometimes we all find it hard at times to stay focused and motivated building our ‘online empires!’ In this article Karin writes a nice little piece all about quotes and motivation and her methods she uses to keep herself motivated.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.~Zig Ziglar

Go and read it now …

#4 – A New PayPal Feature Called Funds Now. A story by this Premium WA member.

“The other day as I was carrying out among my everyday tasks of examining my day-to-day e-mail notifications in my inbox. I observed that I got an unusual email, the sender PayPal. I typically only get messages form them when they are doing some sort of announcement that they are making a modification to the “PAYPAL USER AGREEMENT” However this email was a bit different as it said something about “Funds Now” and getting my money from daily sales quicker.”

I was intregued … are you?

New Paypal Feature

#5 – Thinking Of Joining Wealthy Affiliate? Read this post about a member who has recently joined and decided to go Premium.

“I’m only a few days a member of WA. But, the uniqueness of WA is hard to escape notice: The time and money spent to build it; the dedication of the owners, gracious and helpful members that believe, “We are all in this together”, all, to assure success of the subscribers.

I have never seen or worked for an Organization with all the Employees singing the praises of the establishment. With all these tools and resources, I can only see the road to success.

This is why I went Premium.”


Training On Wealthy Affiliate

#1 – How To Receive More Quality Comments On Your Blog

#2 – How To Handle Redirects And 404 Errors

#3 – How To Make Your Business Stand Out From The Competition

#4 – Mental Success Strategies

#5 – How To Improve Your SEO With The Robots.txt File

Take a look at what’s new on Wealthy Affiliate this week and tell us – what are your favourites? And leave your comments below …

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