On Wealthy Affiliate This Week: Monday 26th Nov ’18

On Wealthy Affiliate

Our Top 5 Picks On Wealthy Affiliate This Week

Wealthy Affiliate is our #1 recommended program and as such we provide a small insight into a few of the things that have happened this past week within the members area amongst the many thousand topics! Take a look at a few things on Wealthy Affiliate this week.

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My Top Posts On Wealthy Affiliate

#1 – Top 10 Best Selling Affiliate Niches – Do you know what the top 10 affiliate niches are? And should you get into these niches yourself?

Here are the 5 top niches, can you guess the other 5?

  1. Weight loss & fitness
  2. Health
  3. Relationships & dating
  4. Pets
  5. Self improvement

As Smartketeer says in his blog:

“These are the very best-sellers because of one main reason. They appeal to a wide range of people’s deeply-held wants and desires. These niches are evergreene and will never go away and will always be part of the human experience.

And most likely, you can’t go wrong entering a market that is already proven to be profitable.”

Let me know what you think …

#2 – How YOU Can Succeed with Wealthy Affiliate From the Start! – this is a great, long post.

  • Misconceptions are not real!
  • The biggest keys to success
  • The time factor
  • What I know to be true
  • Everything you need is here, except one thing …
  • Examples of the right mindset
  • You have to start AND stick with it

Are you keen to get started … and keep going?

#3 – Will Wealthy Affiliate Go Social?

One of the most important lesson that we learn here is getting traffic to our sites. Yet, most of us have at least one social media platform that we don’t use or don’t like.

Each platform has a different structure as well as their own set of rules. I liked FaceBook for PERSONAL use but not for my business. I have been thinking, will Wealthy Affiliate go social?

Social Wealthy Affiliate

#4 – Three Content Strategies For 2019 and Progress Report – This is how one experienced member is going to make his money in 2019. You should take a look at the full article and make money too.

It all revolves around the Amazon affiliate program (you can use other affiliate programs also) and he explains in some detail 3 main strategies:

Strategy 1 – The Best of Strategy (with year)

This is the strategy he uses most of the time and the success he gets with it is eye watering … he goes on at the end of this article to show his current progress.

It’s all about choosing the niche, identifying and structuring into categories and identifying the best keywords.

There is obviously more to this strategy but he tells you everything in the article. This member has a number of individual articles pulling in $1000 each!

Strategy 2 – Mixture of best of’s and reviews

For this to work you need to be quite specific with your niche … but with just one best of list you can pull in 30,000 clicks a month like he does!

An example of this would be a website where you focus one of the following keywords:

best coffee maker

best electric shaver

best wireless router … etc.

Strategy 3 – YouTube (the future of traffic in his opinion)

This person created a brand new video in October and now, one month later, it alone has already made him $200. It any took him a day to make and he believes this video will make him over £1000 this winter.

And the video was nothing special. He says he has close to zero skills in making video and this one was just a simple screen record of a PowerPoint type presentation and he read off a script about the products. His face is not even in the video and it has no special effects. Sign up for FREE with the big green button below to read how to do this.

#5 – Billion dollar niches – Smartphone apps & games – This short blog lokks at smartphones and their apps and games as a great niche to get into. But it’s too overcrowded and there is too much competition I hear you say. Well, not if you drill down and get more specific – that’s where the clever use of keywords comes in.

Anyway, there are some amazing facts about the size of this profitable niche … did you know:

  • There are more than 2 billion people in the market, performing more than 180 billion app downloads every single year!

For more stats. and insight take a look yourself.

My Top Training On Wealthy Affiliate

#1 – How to quote content without hurting your SEO

#2 – How to Get Your Blog Noticed

#3 – Your Why And Mind Set Will Get You To Success

#4 – The Art Of Dropshipping

#5 – Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate

Take a look at what’s new on Wealthy Affiliate this week and tell us – what are your favourites? And leave your comments below …

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