On Wealthy Affiliate This Week: Monday 19th Nov ’18

On Wealthy Affiliate

Our Top 5 Picks On Wealthy Affiliate This Week

Wealthy Affiliate is our #1 recommended program and as such we provide a small insight into a few of the things that have happened this past week within the members area amongst the many thousand topics! Take a look at a few things on Wealthy Affiliate this week.

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#1 – The Top 25 Reasons to Get Banned from Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Among the most uncomfortable experience you can have when you are promoting the Amazon Affiliate program is when your account being restricted or indeed even banned completley by Amazon due to breaching one of their terms of services (TOS).

While there are a lot of grey areas in Amazons TOS, it’s good to understand the primary factors why individuals get kicked out from Amazon affiliate program so that we might avoid them ourselves.

So here are the most common reasons you account can get banned/suspended which you want to prevent and avoid risking your account.

Take a look at the rest of this wonderful article by newmarketpro and find out what these 25 are …

#2 – You Don’t Have To Use Gutenberg If You Don’t Want To

A continuation of last weeks discussion on Wealthy Affiliate …

This topic is being covered alot in chat and on posts where many individuals are getting mildly distressed about the approaching wordpress upgrade to Gutenberg and how it’s going to effect things because it’s a brand new editor, not just an upgrade.

Well there really isn’t any need to be nervous at all says WA member leoemery in his wonderful post.

You see … you don’t need to use gutenberg if you’re not prepared. You can still use the Classic Editor.

Personally, he says, after experimenting with it for a long time he finds gutenberg slow and cumbersome, and some basic functions are not available in the core, which he discovers very odd.

Now this upgrade, he continues to explain, has no affect for him since he utilizes Thrive Designer (the same as me!) which is far more exceptional to gutenberg on a lot of levels. However, he is going to keep the traditional editor in play also.

So to keep utilizing the classic editor, once wordpress updates at the end of the month (27th) in your dashboard you’ll see the button to switch to the traditional editor. Click it and you’re good to go.

#3 – Daily Facts – Day #29: Half of websites are still unsecure!

This is a small quote lifted directly from the start of smartketeers recent blog at Wealthy Affiliate. You must take a look at it yourself as the comments are SO very interesting! …

“I just saw a recent W3Techs report saying that …

50.6% of websites use a valid SSL certificate.

In other words: 49.4% of websites are still unsecure!

I’d say that’s simply frightening …

And made me to realize again, how lucky we are here at WA!

You might think that having free SSL with a $49 premium membership is something normal …

Well, it isn’t!

Each hosting company will charge you seperately for an SSL certificate.

Last time when I checked, GoDaddy’s Standard SSL was $69! For one year! For ONE site!

Your thoughts?”

#4 – Building a Lifetime Businesses with Wealthy Affiliate

Lots of people here at WA, especially starter members, don’t realize that your Online Business is and can be a lifetime business.

This means:

You will always own it. Nobody can take it from you as long as it’s a domain name of your own may I add. As long as you keep it renewed every year then that business belongs to you …

Take a look at Debs66 perspective of building a legit, sustainable business with Wealthy Affiliate from home.

#5 – Do Successful People Still Have Downs In Their Online Business?

This is A MUST READ. Follow the link, sign up for FREE and take a look yourself.


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#2 – Pinterest Beginners.

#3 – How to Become an Authority Blogger in the Online World

#4 – Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough – How YOU Can Benefit From WA

#5 – The Customer Purchase Lifecycle

Take a look at what’s new on Wealthy Affiliate this week and tell us – what are your favourites? And leave your comments below …

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