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On Wealthy Affiliate

Our Top 5 Picks On Wealthy Affiliate This Week: From Ebay RSS To Keywords

Wealthy Affiliate is our #1 recommended program and as such we provide a small insight into a few of the things that have happened this past week within the members area amongst the many thousands of topics! Take a look at a few things on Wealthy Affiliate this week.

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#1 – Keywords: How To Effectively Use Keywords To Rank Higher On Search Engines.

Definitive Keyword Guide On Wealthy Affiliate

In this article Robert-A goes on to give some great insites about how to use keywords for effective SEO. He also provides a number of great infographics which I have shown here.

Good keywords will stand the test of time and it is well worthwhile taking your time to research these in order to discover a great primary keyword. This keyword should not be too general, in fact, it should be very specific!

Your secondary keywords, maybe 5 or 6 of them, can be a little more general. Think of what people may tap into the search bar in order to find information on your articles topic.

The article goes on more about these secondary keywords and also where to use your keywords. I will leave you with another info graphic provided by Robert-A.

Where to insert your keywords for SEO

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#2 – Don’t Panic! WordPress 5 Will NOT Break Your Site. There has been alot of chatter online recently with people worried that the upcoming major WordPress 5 will ‘break’ their website. Why is this? Where has this worry come from?

Well … this Wealthy Affiliate member puts your mind at ease saying ‘this will NOT happen.’

Even after the change to the blocks editor your pride and joy will look and work exactly as it does now. The difference will only be limited to the way that you create new content and edit the old stuff.

“As you know, WordPress converts your new content to static HTML. The HTML for your old content will not be changed when WordPress updates to the blocks editor, it will only affect new content. So your old content will remain exactly the same. Your website is not about to break.” MarionBlack

The article then goes on to explain this in more detail under the sub-headings of:

  • Install The Classic Editor Plugin
  • Back Up First
  • Gutenberg Or Classic Editor? You CAN Have Both

#3 – We Can All Find Motivation. Inspiration and motivation, something I’m sure all of us wish would come naturally. Regrettably, it doesn’t for the majority of us, so it rests on our own shoulders to unlock the motivation we’re all capable of.

Find some great tips on staying motivated in this artice:

  • Tips On Staying Motivated With Your Blog
  • Dream BIG!
  • So Why Am I Doing This?
  • The Power Of Calendar Reminders
  • Write Down Your Goals
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Motivation Is The Key To Success

#4 – What About All Those Shiny Objects? 

Shiny Objects

We have all been there! Let me quote the beginning of this members article … at the end you can follow the direct link to read the rest. You will then understand what I am on about:

Many of these highly overpriced programs advises we should keep away from any shiny object. Now, the question is, what is a shiny object? Well, I figured it out quick. I think a shiny object is anything that distracts you from reaching your goal. Here at WA …”

#5 – How To Get Your Ebay RSS Feed Onto Your Blog. Are you an Ebay affiliate who wants your RSS feed on your website? It seems that a number of people are having difficulty in achieving this. Don’t fret! TJSchlenker is here at Wealthy Affiliate to explain the best way of doing just this.

“The EBay RSS feed is something that’s available when you are in the “EBay Partner Network“, which is what they call their Affiliate program.”

This member tried lots of different methods and plugins to achive this but none seemed to work properly … HOWEVER, THIS ONE DID WORK!

Here you will be introduced to Feedzy and will be shown how to set it up in order to achieve the very best results.


#1 – Hiring Writer Like a PRO Even If You’ve Never Hired Before

#2 – Choosing Your Direction – It Starts With a Niche

#3 – Social marketing glossary for beginners and vets

#4 – How to Make Money Online – The Process Explained

#5 – The Diamond Traffic Program

Take a look at what’s new on Wealthy Affiliate this week and tell us – what are your favourites? And leave your comments below …

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