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New Training Just Added To Wealthy Affiliate: Tracking Your Rankings in Search Engines

Tracking Your Rankings In Search Engines Is Easier Than You Think

New training has just been added to Wealthy Affiliate titled “Tracking Your Rankings in Search Engines”

If you are a member you can check out this training by visit the following link:


Training Outline

You work really hard in creating your unique content, you excitedly publish it to your website, and then what? Do you wait in anticipation and hope that it ranks well in the search engines (if at all!), or do you set-up proper tracking on your target search terms to see where you are ranking in each the major search engines.

In this training, you are going to be shown how you can efficiently and efficiently properly track search engine rankings in Google and other search engines. So without further ado, lets find out more about tracking your rankings in search engines.

The topics covered within this walk-through are:

  • The importance of understanding where you are ranked
  • Track your rankings in search engines (the old school way)
  • Tracking your rankings using Jaaxy SiteRank – the best keyword ranking checker
  • Adding automation to your tracking
  • How to assess and analyze ranking fluctuations

Understand your rankings in critical and important to your overall website and SEO success. If you can understand where and why you are ranking well, or not well, you can make the appropriate changes to improve your rankings..

If you are not a member yet and are interested in tracking your rankings in search engines then you can sign up for FREE


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