New Training Just Added To Wealthy Affiliate: Setting Up Google Search Console

Setting Up Google Search Console

New training as just been added to Wealthy Affiliate titled “Setting Up Google Search Console” on May 14, 2018 (10:59 pm). To check out this training, visit the following link:

Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools), is a free platform provided to you by Google to help offer you insights into how Google interprets your website, any problems/errors, keyword and ranking data, security insights, along with several other configurations/reports/tools.

It is important that you set-up Console with your websites as you build them out. These insights you attain will be important to your overall SEO success, and will lead to much better indexing and subsequently rankings.

In this video you will be walked through the following processes:

  • How to Setup a Google Account
  • Getting Google Search Console set-up
  • How to Verify your website in your WordPress Back Office
  • Creating a SiteMap using All in One SEO
  • Submitting a SiteMap to Google
  • A Look Around of Google Search Console

Setting Up Google Search Console Has To Be Done Correctly. I Urge You To Do It Right By Checking Out This Training.

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