How Do You Launch A New Product? With Our New Product Launch Marketing Plan - That's  How!

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New Product Launch Plan

What Makes New Product Launches So Great?


The Freebie-Seeker List vs the “Super List”


So what is it that nearly every so called ‘guru’ online tells you to do if you want to grow your fledgling internet marketing business? Give away lead magnets to freebie-seekers. Work on building your list. Market different affiliate products to them. Make commissions – hopefully large ones! We have heard it all before haven’t we? And guess what? That strategy worked …. back in the year 2012!


You see, the problem is, it doesn’t work anymore. Nowadays, freebieseekers have a seperate “junk” email account that they use solely for collecting lead magnets but otherwise they never log in to them. That’s no good. Your promotional emails are going to inboxes where they are left untouched, never read and just floating in a sea of many thousands of other marketing emails. This, along with the fact that many people even use fake email addresses, is partly what has led to such very low email open rates across the industry. And not only does a list of freebie-seekers almost never open your emails, but the one or two of them that do will almost certainly never buy anything from you. Why? Because they’re freebie-seekers!


This really is a problem …


So then, just what is it that successful internet marketers are doing so differently in order to overcome this? What they are doing is differently is that they’re each building what we call a “super list”. A super list (phrase coined by the great Alex Jeffreys), is a list of real people, with real email addresses that they actually check their accounts, and who actually regularily take out their credit cards and buy things online. In other words, it’s a buyers list. The main difference between a buyers list and a freebie-seeker list is as clear as night and day. One makes you money and the other makes you very angry!


So, how do you get a “super list” or buyers list of your very own? Easy. You launch a product of your own and you get affiliates to send traffic to it. Then it is simplicity itself to just integrate your payment system with your autoresponder service provider so that buyers automatically get added as subscribers to your list. No need to worry though. It’s not as totally crazy as it sounds and, even more importantly, it’s the only way you’ll be able to move forward in internet marketing.


So How Do You Launch a Product?

Sound like a daunting task? But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


In our full, in depth video course below we will show you every single step of successfully launching your own digital product online. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:


 Creating your sales funnel.

 Setting up a pricing model.

 Choosing the right marketplace or platform.

 Designing your sales, and other, pages.

 Setting up how to deliver your product.

 Do you need a support desk?

 Designing your welcome sequence.

 Attracting affiliates.

 Leveraging coaches.

 Creating a Joint Venture page.


And much, much more…


Are yeady to take your online business to the next level? Make a cup of tea, make yourself comfy and view our full Product Launching video course below and we’ll show you exactly how to launch your first digital product and start building your buyers list today.

video #1

Video #1 Why launch a product of your own? There is the old way of doing things that, these days, just doesn't work any more. But we show you the new 'Super list' way which works a treat!

video #2

Video #2 is about choosing the market place for your product and goes into how to choose and use the correct payment platform. It's all about building the sales structure.

video #3

Video #3 How do you go about recruiting an army of affiliates to go out and help sell your new product for you. How much do you pay them? Where do you find them?

video #4

Video #4 is about the actual launch of your product which is broken down into the 3 important and distinct steps of Pre-launch, Launch Week and Post-launch.

Product Launch

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