The Fact Is That All Of The Major Online Entrepreneurs And Digital Marketers Use Facebook Ads!

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Facts You Need to Know

Despite everything you might hear about Facebook ads not really working these days (usually from those people who gave up trying after just a couple of attempts), the real truth is that all of the major online entrepreneurs and digital marketers use Facebook ads - extensively. Facebook still does remain the single most attractive and important advertising opportunity in terms of native ad presentation, targeting, demographic data, active users, and many, many of other factors.

There are at the moment of writing, almost 1.8 billion monthly active Facebook users! Wow!

There are just about 1.2 billion daily logins! Blimey!

5 new personal profiles are created every second! Gee Whiz!

And in excess of 40% of marketers say that Facebook is a cruicial part of their business!

Now the question is, how do you make it work for you?

How to Leverage it in Your Own Business in Four Easy Steps (Pay close attention to Step 4)

Step 1: Determine the 3 factors of targeting, placement, and bidding for your first campaign, based on measurable goals.

Step 2: Design a really good jaw dropping ad creative based on the best proven principles.

Step 3: Analyze your results, make sure you understand them, then adjust accordingly and test again.

Step 4: Implement these steps quickly and easily using our awesome Facebook Ads video course below.

video #1

Video #1 covers establishing the goals for your Facebook Ads marketing campaign and how to properly set up your Facebook Page and Ad Account.

video #2

Video #2 is about creating your campaign which is broken down into the areas of audience targeting, placements and pricing.

video #3

Video #3 is where we are going to look into the design and go on a little about the Ad format, image design and Ad copy

video #4

Video #4 is where we look into the importance of analyzing and optimizing and the use of multiple variations.

Course Resources/Tools

#1/ Connect Explore

So in our  FB Ads course we spent a lot of time talking about targeting. And boy does it work! But sadly there’s no easy way to see how individual targeted interests are performing, cost-wise.

Until now you’ve had to split test multiple ads over and over and over to discover what interests work best and that costs a ton of money and time!

What if you could eliminate all the hassle and know you’re targeting the right interests, every time?

Now you can. With ConnectExplore.

ConnectExplore is an advanced new FB targeting tool.

It unearths hundreds more interests than other tools… and…

Every single one of the interests it finds CAN be targeted (unlike other tools).

Not only does ConnectExplore find these hidden profitable interests for you… It makes it easy to remove any underperforming interests in your ad sets with a single click.

The result?

Your ad sets are tightly targeted. So you get more leads and sales.
While spending far less – because you’ll always know the right interests to go after.

Sound good? Wait ‘til you check out the demo. Watch it RIGHT HERE.

#2/ ConnectLeads

I want to show you a brand new Facebook application that lets you collect subscribers right from INSIDE Facebook.

It’s called ConnectLeads, and it’s unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen before – and here’s why:

– It collect email subscribers from WITHIN the Facebook newsfeed, straight into your autoresponder!
– People only have to click on your message… there’s NO TYPING required!
– Facebook will then automatically pre-fill all their data (their name, email, relationship status, etc etc)
– They DON’T have to go through any “Facebook app authorization” or any of that stuff.
– It works perfectly inside all the Facebook mobile apps (iOS, Android, etc).

You can start collecting leads and promoting products right inside Facebook’s newsfeed, this is taking social marketing to the very next level.

And best of all… it’s 100% Facebook approved (Facebook manually vetted the whole application before going live).

CLICK HERE to see how it’s done.

Facebook Ads Video Course

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