Marketing By Mobile Phone – Part 4 of 4

Marketing by mobile phone

Marketing By Mobile Phone Part 4: Making Use Of Mobile Traffic

After you’ve got some mobile traffic coming your way through your marketing by mobile phone efforts, you may be inclined to make specific use of it.

The very first use of mobile traffic is more or less passive. Namely, you get a great SEO increase from having a mobile website which has mobile traffic arriving at it and remaining on it since they enjoy what they see (instead of bouncing away within seconds because it’s not mobile friendly, which ultimately injures your SEO).

Mobile Friendly Website

The second great thing in having mobile traffic coming to a mobile-friendly page is simply just developing a positive brand image. Having an attractive mobile site reflects well on your business and in return makes individuals more likely to return and also encourages them to speak highly of and share your business with others. This, rather obviously, results in other things like mobile users clicking on your phone number to call your company or finding your opt-in forms or order buttons.

However, there is another which is a lot more practical and more of a specific, targeted way to make usage of mobile traffic that hardly anyone else discusses. You see, it can be beneficial knowing exactly what device people are on when they view your website due to the fact of the various methods you can use in order to take advantage of those gadgets.

Did you know, for example, that if an individual’s mobile phone is triggered to send out or prepare an outbound e-mail, by default that email will come from whichever email account they designated as their primary email in their phone settings? This is a mobile-specific concept.

Mobile Email

You see, if you have mobile traffic, you can utilize a tool like Warlord Mobile Leads which you can, in fact, create little opt-in buttons that, when tapped, can create a prefilled outgoing e-mail with your choice of subject and body text (e.g. “please send me the complimentary report”) and, when the user strikes “send” that email is automatically added to your email marketing/autoresponder mailing list along with their genuine name.

Yes, you read that right! This means you can utilize mobile traffic to guarantee that your opt-ins and leads are actually people’s real, main email addresses and their genuine names. This means your marketing emails end up in an inbox that is actually read a number of times each day and you can fully customize subject lines with with the use of people’s real names.

This cool feature has actually been revealed to increase open rates by 29% and increase e-mail campaign success by 73% while the total impact of collecting primary e-mail addresses and genuine names together through Warlord Mobile Leads has been shown to increase open rates by a massive 533%! (no, that’s not a typo).

Now, email marketing and high quality list building are not the focus of this particular article, so we’ll stop there. However the point is this. If you’re going to do marketing by mobile phone, you may as well find a way to specifically leverage it.

Battle Plan

So here’s your battle plan:

Step 1: Pick a CMS (or use your current one) and ensure your site and pages look great on mobile.

Step 2: Choose one or more methods for driving mobile traffic to your site. We suggest you spend a small amount of money experimenting with a few different paid ad options.

Step 3: Leverage that traffic by using mobile-specific tools like Warlord Mobile Leads to build a high quality, high open rate email marketing list.

Don’t wait. Take action and start marketing by mobile phone today!

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