Marketing By Mobile – Part 3 of 4

Marketing By Mobile

Marketing By Mobile Part 3: Mobile Traffic

So as soon as you’ve got your websites and pages friendly for marketing by mobile, you have to get some traffic to them. Depending upon the purpose of your landing pages, you may be searching for mobile-only traffic or you might be taking a look at indiscriminate traffic and merely wanting to guarantee that traffic is treated appropriately based upon the visitors’ devices.

In a lot of cases, if you’re marketing by mobile goal is something mobile in particular, like gathering individuals’s primary e-mail addresses that they actually use and genuine names via a mobile opt-in tool like Warlord Mobile Leads, then you’ll literally wish ONLY mobile traffic to be arriving at your landing pages.

We’ll concentrate on free and paid techniques of driving solely mobile traffic first, then indiscriminate traffic techniques after that.

Mobile-Only Traffic

So let’s say you’re trying to collect very high quality e-mail leads due to the fact that you’re tired of low open rates, phony email addresses, and all that sort of stuff when marketing by mobile. In that case you ‘d need a tool like Warlord Mobile Results in order to gather users main emails and real names without visitors having to type any info into an opt-in form.

Problem is, tools like that only work on mobile phones, so you reallyt don’t want to be sending out desktop traffic to a page where you’re utilizing a tool like that. Similarly,  you could be trying to branch off into the realms of SMS text marketing and you want users who see an SMS sign-up deal to be on their mobile devices when they see it. The point is, in some cases you’re going to want just mobile traffic and there’s a couple of methods you can use to achieve this.

First of all, you can use paid advertisements that run only on mobile. The high-end version of this would be paid native ads on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. These ads, while somewhat more pricey, can really be the most cost-effective simply because of the quality of traffic they send.

Mobile traffic

We won’t go into detailed information on ways to produce these ads since that’s not the focus of this article, but feel free to have a look at our other articles on Facebook and Twitter paid advertisements for more details. Suffice to say, there is a very clear choice in the development process for these ads where you can choose to show the ad for mobile users only. Pick that alternative and all your traffic will be mobile.

Another paid option to use when marketing by mobile is to use specific ad networks like BuzzCity or Admoda. These platforms let you target mobile users who are searching on mobile websites or using mobile apps within these platforms’ particular networks. Remember those frustrating text advertisements that you see while utilizing the lite version of your preferred phone app? Yup, that’s what we’re talking about here!

The benefit of this is that you can get your ad in front of a LOT of individuals and the clicks are really low-cost (as little as $0.01). The problem is that the traffic is much lower quality and less targetable. For example, if you’re utilizing native social media advertisements, like Facebook, you can market your heart health related items to guys, over 50, in Texas, who have actually expressed interest in the American Heart Association or a certain brand name of even a type of heart medication. Bingo!

However if that’s your target market and you’re utilizing one of these extremely cheap mobile ad networks like BuzzCity, then you won’t see much success. These networks do have some targeting capabilities but they’re not nearly as particular or reputable as the major social media sites so you need to just utilize them if your target market is relatively broad to begin with.

Another more recent option is Facebook Instant Articles. So Facebook instant articles is basically a big push by Facebook to create posts that appear in the Facebook Mobile App newsfeed and render in the blink of an eye without people having to be directed to an external page or wait on the article to load.

Facebook Instant Articles

The terrific feature of this is that it doesn’t cost anything and you can guarantee that just mobile users will see these short articles. So the idea is to include these posts into your content marketing strategy and ensure they link/lead to a mobile landing page. This is a solid non-paid technique for driving mobile-only traffic and is one of my top tips. Try it!

Non-Discriminate Traffic

When it comes to marketing by mobile and non-discriminate traffic, it’s pretty easy. Just about every CMS will automatically show people the correct version of your site these days. If not, you can always simply use a mobile redirect script or plugin to reroute mobile traffic from a particular URL and over to your wanted mobile landing page.

Obviously, if your website is responsive you do not even need to do this.

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