Using An Internet Marketing Bonus To Augment Your Affiliate Promotions Can Boost Sales By A Factor Of 5!

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Use An Internet Marketing Bonus

Current Top Bonus Creation Strategies

Why Bonuses for Vendors?
Bonuses maximize sales, really boost conversions, increase the perceived value, and act as really good collateral for your guarantee statements.

Why Bonuses for Affiliates?
Bonuses set affiliates apart from competing affiliates (makes them stand out from the 'norm'), establish rapport for any future promotions, and can increase an affiliate’s conversion rate by a factor of 5!


Want to Learn More?

To learn how to leverage these advanced bonus creation strategies in your next launch, grab our full video series below and start implementing our blueprint today!

video #1

Video #1 covers the question of why do vendors and affiliates need to give away these types of marketing bonuses in the first place. Surley the product should sell itself if it's any good?

video #2

Video #2 gives you the 3 main keys to creating a good bonus. These 3 keys are relevance, utility and value. Watch the video now to get the details.

video #3

Video #3 - find out the all important places to aquire bonus content. PLR, MMR licensed material, using your own material.

video #4

Video #4 is all about rebranding and beautifying your bonuses. It also gives you a few very useful resources in order to accomplish this.

Course Resources/Tools

#1/ ​My Ecover Maker

So in your Bonus Creation guide you learned how to rebrand and repackage PLR material in a way that was attractive to customers. Well a lot of people are asking what the tool is that we recommend. The best tool out there and the one mentioned in the training is a web-based tool called where you can craft gorgeous ecovers using an endless number of templates and styles in a matter of minutes.

CLICK HERE to try it out.

#2/ 60 Minute Reseller (JVZoo)

There’s been a lot of talk about how to best rebrand and repackage PLR material as seen in the Viking Bonus Creation guide. Specifically, how do you do it quickly and inexpensively?

Well these top internet marketers have actually put together a blueprint for getting it done in one hour. And, yup, they actually recorded themselves doing it right in front of you in exactly 60 minutes.

It’s really incredible to watch and once you see it, you’ll be able to do it too.

It’s called the 60 Minute Reseller and you can go watch the video HERE.

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