JV Recruitment (Joint Venture Recruitment) For Affilliate Marketing

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Joint Venture Recruitment

Top JV Recruitment Strategies Today 

What is JV Recruitment ? Joint Venture, or in other words, Affiliate recruitment specifically refers to the process of convincing other online marketers to leverage their existing audiences (ie. their email list for example) to drive traffic to whatever your paid offer may be, especially/usually a digital product, in return for a commission paid for each sale made.

The Top 5 Joint Venture Recruitment Strategies Today Are… 

Robust JV Page Creation: Creating Joint Venture pages jam packed with vital JV recruitment and empowerment elements that boost their effectiveness and their motivation.

Done For You Tools and Resources: Providing JVs with easily usable tools that will skyrocket the effectiveness of their promotions and make their promotion much more effortless.

Clever Commission Model: Carefully calculated commission levels for each step of your funnel that are designed to boost Joint Venture attraction and participation.

Strategic Clarity: Pitching the “bigger picture” to any potential JVs in a carefully marketed manner that motivates them to join.

Powerful Communication: Broadcasting purposeful updates before and during launch, proven to strengthen JVs into action and increase competitiveness.

video #1

Video #1 of JV recruitment covers the definitions and purpose of JV's and affiliates. It also looks into the topic of using JV's vs paid ads.

video #2

Video #2 of JV recruitment is about the components of a JV page. It is in this video that we go into much more detail of how a successful JV page is constructed.

video #3

Video #3 on JV recruitment is where we are going to go on a little about recruiting JV's. It's great that you have a JV page up and running but no good if no one sees it! Where do you recruit JV's?

video #4

Video #4 of our JV recruitment course is where we’ll talk about JV best practices. Recruitment timing, contest prizes, commission models and resources are all explored here.

JV Recruitment

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